Mysterious rule da Vinci could be explained only now

mysteriousDraw a tree properly, Leonardo da Vinci deduced a formula by which the total area of all sections of its branches at each height remains the same and is equal to the square cut the main stem. Verification of this rule shows that it works: If Da Vinci was talking about a sum of squares of diameters, in reality, it is also true for the sum of diameters raised to the power that ranges from 1.8 to 2.3. For these whimsical and totally nonmathematical organisms such as wood, it is a fair match. From the genius of the Renaissance took its rule probably will remain a mystery. Unsolved up to now remained, and the reason why the trees under his command. Continue reading “Mysterious rule da Vinci could be explained only now”

The proofs of the origin of life on a planet-Earth twin

life, planet, EarthScientists are still some compelling evidence that one of the planets is incredibly similar to our planet Earth with you Gliese 581g, there might be life. Well, certainly biological, because there is all this necessary – and the atmosphere, and the presence of liquid water, and even a stable landscape! This is a perfect place for a shelter of alien residents. As scientists already have strong evidence of this amazing planet habitable. Scientists, University of California for nearly 11 years of scientific activity devoted to the study of so-called planetary systems similar to ours. All necessary data were collected using two telescopes in Hawaii, the Keck Observatory. After detection, all the planets carefully considered on certain parameters that have been proposed by NASA and the SETI experts. There were two main criteria – it’s habitability and the similarity of our blue planet. Continue reading “The proofs of the origin of life on a planet-Earth twin”

The mystic aura of Homo sapiens.

homoThe aura of the average person is visible at a distance of one – two feet around his body. Richard Webster has long been suggested to consider the etheric double. This is a semi-permeable subtle energy substance that is visible at a distance of 1,0-7,5 cm from the surface of his body. In all of this, a person sleeping, the field is expanded and it is much easier to contemplate. And of course, to watch daytime wakefulness, the field is compressed. As soon as the newcomers have achieved initial results, – says Richard Webster, – for them the visible etheric body – is a kind of space that separates the aura and physical body. As soon as the developed clairvoyance, etheric double is acquired gray. In all of this etheric body twinkles several moves and changes colors in a fairly wide range. It is this layer of the aura is usually called an aura of health, since diseases manifest themselves, as part of blackout or breaks in the aura. Manifestation of anxiety symptoms may compare with the site of stagnant water in a constantly changing flow of essential fields. Painful symptoms may look like an absolute and discoloration of one or another of the etheric body. More remarkable is the fact that a health problem manifests itself much earlier than people might feel a slight discomfort. Continue reading “The mystic aura of Homo sapiens.”

Developed a new cure for AIDS

American scientists have synthesized a compound, effective against the virus. According to Medical Xpress, is succeeded by a team led Chzhiley Chen (Zhilei Chen) from the University of Texas A & M. A report on research published in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. hen studied a group of property agents, code-named PD 404,182. During the experiments, the researchers found that the substance has antiviral activity. Upon contact with the substance nucleic acids of viruses that store genetic information, separated from the protein, making the virus harmless. According to the study, PD 404,182 effective against HIV first and second types of simian immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C viral pathogens; however, dengue fever and Sindbis were resistant to the substance. hen noted that the new substance does not destroy the membranes of viruses, as well as the membranes of living cells. The absence of cytotoxicity of PD 404,182 were confirmed by experiments on cultures of human cells.The researchers could not accurately describe the mechanism of antiviral action of the substance. They assumed that the substance does not act on proteins and other structural components common to viruses. In this regard, mutations in the viruses can not develop individually protected by PD 404,182.

The remains of extraterrestrials

Eugene Dimities, scientist of the Center of the planetary protection NGOs to them. SA Lavochkin, in areas falling to the earth and the Tunguska meteorite Krasnoturanskogo, discovered a very simple matter not – “Strimerglasy.”After 15 years of research, it became clear that these substances represent unique fragments of skeletons of sea creatures, and initially, they were mistaken for ordinary slag, which resembled glass bottle.Eugene Dmitriev says that Strimerglasy part of the core eruption of comets, born from the satellites of Jupiter vast, as well as other major satellites of the planets. The fall of these substances are found near the reservoir “Smerdyachee” near lakes and ponds Shatura crater edge.
Comparing Strimerglasov fall in different places, the scientist put forward the idea: the planets, comets came from, perhaps, there are oceans of water saturated with salt.The research scientists, may confirm the theory, for listing of life on our planet fallen comets. With the help of his ideas, Eugene Dmitriev wants to be recognized among our scientists, as well as, perhaps, to start a new science of paleontology comet.