Super massive black hole can absorb a cloud of gas

black holeThe scientists have discovered a huge cloud of gas that will soon engulf a supermassive black hole located at the center of our galaxy. Astronomers have long known that black holes are tightened all nearby objects, but first they have the chance to see how this is happening with the gas clouds. It is expected that the cloud is described in the scientific journal Nature, will be absorbed in 2013. Rather, about half of it is covered with a black hole and the other half will be ejected into the surrounding space. At the same time, the cloud will be broken to pieces, the turbulent region around the black hole would be an unusually bright that will allow astronomers to better understand what is happening. This happens due to the acceleration of the gas flow, which will glow in the gamma range. As the American astronomer Mark Morris of the University of California at Los Angeles, “there will probably be a lot of telescopes will be watching. Continue reading “Super massive black hole can absorb a cloud of gas”

Under the soil on Mars may develop life

Australian scientists has created a model of Mars, which showed that most of the planet can support life.Usually astrobiologists use other than an incremental approach by analyzing small areas at a time. This is true for probes sent to Mars, yet managed to explore only a tiny sample of the soil. A Charlie Laynuiver and his colleagues at the Australian National University, just take the whole Mars (or rather, what we now know about him) and compared it with the Earth. They focused on two characteristics: temperature and pressure. The result was curious. Only 1% of the Earth has the right to call habitable, while Mars is a whole 3%! The difference is that almost all the potentially habitable zone of Mars is located underground.
The main reason – on the surface of almost all the water evaporates due to low atmospheric pressure (without turning into ice, despite the -63 ˚ C). But beneath the surface of Mars, additional pressure would allow water to exist in liquid form, and heat the interior of the planet is able to create conditions suitable for Earth-like organisms. Scope of conditions conducive to the existence of liquid water, goes to 30 km in depth.
Thus, experts say, if there is a deep on Mars, hot biosphere, its thickness is about once in six or seven more than the earth (too deep and hot), which extends into our cortex by about 5 km and is inhabited by gipotermofilnymi chemolithotrophs

NASA looks for traces of life on Jupiter’s moon

moonAmerica are developing plans to send ice-covered moon of Jupiter – Europe – two landers to search for traces of life. In an interview with internet portal NASA representative Kevin Hendrasskazal: “Europe, I believe, we must first examine if we want somewhere to find extraterrestrial life. It really gives us that opportunity, because the satellite is the ocean under the ice that was there for most of the lifetime of our solar system. ” According to the researchers cite the “Vesti”. According to Kevin Hand, in 2020, NASA plans to send to Europe, two of the same interplanetary probe weighing 320 kilograms each. Continue reading “NASA looks for traces of life on Jupiter’s moon”

The largest dinosaur in North America

dinosaurMontana State University discovered the remains of the largest dinosaur in North America and one of the largest known to date. Article describing the opening of the researchers appeared in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica. Individual scientists found belongs to a sauropod type (pass on all fours dinosaurs) Alamosaurus sanjuanensis, opened in 1922. Until recently it was thought that it was big, but not the largest dinosaurs – an adult body weight alamozavra reached 33 tons. In 2009, however, there was a work which proved – the largest known at the time of the remains of A. sanjuanensis not belong to an adult, and the “young man” who has continued to grow. Continue reading “The largest dinosaur in North America”

The first minizemli

planetThe discovery of first minizemli – extrasolar planets, the size is smaller than Earth’s. Their findings, scientists reported the first scientific conference of Kepler, which currently runs at Ames Research Center. As part of the researchers used data collected by the spacecraft, “Kepler.” They found that the planet candidate in KOI-70.04 (another notation solar system KOI-70 – this is Kepler 20) is a planet whose dimensions are 0.7-0.8 of the earth, and the period of revolution around the star – 6.1 day . The name was given minizemlya planet similar to the super-Earths – planets, whose masses range from 5 to 10 of the earth. Surface temperature exceeds minizemli, according to calculations of scientists, 600 degrees Celsius, so the presence of liquid water on the surface of a celestial body of the question. Continue reading “The first minizemli”

In the Pacific Ocean found a 50-kilometer meteorite crater

OceanThe Australian National Institute using seismic techniques found beneath the floor of the Pacific m / y island of Timor and Australia, the 50-kilometer meteorite crater, which arose as a result of the fall of the universal objects of about 35 million years backwards, it says in the book, placed in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. One of the authors of the search, Dariusz Jablonski geologist (Dariusz Jablonski) carried out seismic research in the course of oil exploration on the platform of Ashmore and found traces of the possible presence of a layer of sediment impact structures – dome-shaped “bulge” rock layers, which arose because of rising from the depths of the molten at asteroid impact components. Continue reading “In the Pacific Ocean found a 50-kilometer meteorite crater”

The Dead Sea was already dead

seaThe bottom of the Dead Sea has shown that about 120 thousand years ago, the pond has completely dried up. Lake and is now under threat of extinction due to global warming. In recent decades, water levels have fallen markedly. As part of the project “Deep drilling of the Dead Sea,” a $ 2.6 million was received a few samples of bottom sediments in the period from November 2010 to March 2011. Scientists are interested in the history of climate and earthquakes in the region. They found a layer of round stones at a depth of 230 m below the seabed. It is an ancient shingle beach, which existed when the lake dried up completely or almost completely. Previous experiments with water from the Dead Sea showed that the lake could disappear completely, as the loss of water would lead to an increase in salt concentration and prevent further evaporation. Continue reading “The Dead Sea was already dead”

China has found a lost world

worldPark Jurassic-you can not wait until build a time machine to go rather to the south-west China, where nature itself has created a reserve of relict forest. This was announced by Spanish biologist Jordi Lopez. Thanks to suitable conditions, which have developed in the valleys of the Sino-Tibetan mountains, many prehistoric plants survived the Ice Age is the Quaternary period. Together with a group of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Spanish biologist went to the very heart of this remote region on the eastern Tibetan Plateau, with the canyon with the poetic name of Tiger Leaping Gorge. The expedition was looking for representatives of prehistoric flora, which could remain there for millions of years. Continue reading “China has found a lost world”

Iceland expects a major volcanic eruption

volcanicThe largest glaciers in Iceland, scientists have identified signs of inevitable eruption, which may be one of the strongest in the history of the island. Katla volcano (the crater diameter – 10 km) is able to melt ice and cause catastrophic flooding on the east coast of Iceland. Last month there were more than five hundred aftershocks in the caldera and near it, – said Ford Cochran of the National Geographic Society. – Magma was set in motion. ” The first signs of an impending nightmare came 9 July: a relatively small earthquake has led to significant flooding: bridges were washed away, a few days a number of areas of the country was isolated. “This is the fourth in the last half-century period of awakening Cuttle,” – explains Paudl Einarsson of the University of Iceland. Continue reading “Iceland expects a major volcanic eruption”

Alien bases on the moon is becoming more

alienA proof of the alien moon bases every year becomes more and more. And new evidence appearing with increasing rapidity. Even in ancient China, the X-XI century BC, the astrologer had written numerous treatises on the starry sky. However, none of them found no mention of the moon. In this regard, we can assume that the satellite at that time had not yet appeared. By comparing this version of the legend of the Deluge, some researchers have come to the conclusion that the emergence of low Earth orbit on our current night light became the primary cause of the disaster of antiquity. According to scientists, is the historical period that is associated with the acquisition of a natural satellite of Earth, are the first mention of the strange beings arriving on Earth from space. Continue reading “Alien bases on the moon is becoming more”