On the ice of Lake Baikal observed a thousand strange circles

circlesArt is made on the ice of Lake Baikal. Dark areas of pictures – is a surface free from snow. Shows circles. A lot of laps. About a thousand. They are arranged in a spiral. Their diameter increases from one to another in accordance with a number of the Fibonacci numbers, in which each successive number is equal to the sum of the previous two. Something like that – called the English, or corn, circles – usually appears on the fields of crops. Inscribed polemicist plants. And also, usually conceals some meaningful information.

The similarity of bread and ice community is obvious. But there are three basic differences.

Paintings, “painted” on the fields, have modest size. No more per hectare. Ice – huge, covers about 20 square kilometers. Grain circles appear each summer and fall. Circles Baikal appeared only once – in early spring – in March 2010, when the Siberian lake was constrained by ice. Although their photos were made public for some reason only recently.

Force, which puts the ears and thus draws circles and other figures in the fields, not known to science. And elusiveness. As well as the authors of these so-called icons.

About icy circles knows everything. Discovered the power and author. Even defined the time at which the icon appeared on the lake.

As reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, which published pictures of the giant figure made the artist Jim Denevan (Jim Denevan) with colleagues and assistants. “Brushes” are bikes with brooms – to small circles. And the snow machines – for the big ones.

Working on the “canvas”, Jim spent two weeks at the lake. He lived in a yurt. As a result, his image has become the largest in the world. The artist also broke his record set several years ago in the Nevada desert. There, he also drew circles, but in the sand.

– First, we wanted to decorate the icon Antarctica – says Jim. – But then chose Baikal. Frosty, but at the same time, good weather – no snow and blizzards – are kept longer. And the higher the probability that the picture is not quickly disappear.

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