Not a fake Shroud of Turin

21 Dec

ShroudNew Technologies-Energy and Sustainable Economic Development of Italy (Enea) published a report on five years of research the Shroud of Turin. Participants in the study – Lazzaro, Murr, Santoni, and Nikelatti Baldachino – trying to understand how the linen shroud so clearly imprinted image.

In addition, they set out to determine what physical and chemical processes can cause this type of dyeing cloth as the Shroud of Turin. The researchers started from the last and the only complete study of paintings by the Group of American Scientists (Shroud of Turin Research Project). As a result of their own research Italian researchers entirely refuted the claim that the Shroud of Turin is a medieval forgery.
The report says: The Double Image, front and back, the person subjected to torture and crucifixion, which is visible on the Shroud of Turin linen, has many unusual characteristics, chemical and physical, which is currently impossible to reproduce in laboratory conditions, the impossibility of repetition (and means and falsification) of the image on the shroud does not allow to formulate a credible hypothesis about the mechanism of formation of the impression.  Today, science can not explain how the Shroud has formed the imprint of the body.

The origin of imprint on the Shroud – is unknown. This is the essence of the so-called “secrets of the Turin Shroud,” they note. Under the drops of blood, there is no picture. This means that there were traces of blood on the cloth before the image. Thus, the image was formed later. In addition, all the blood spots are clearly outlined, so that it can be assumed that the body is not removed from the sheets. In addition, the tissue does not appear to decay, which usually appear after 40 hours of death.

The researchers also concluded that the body was on the canvas no more than two days, the author writes. One of the versions to display the image on the cloth was an electromagnetic effect. But the results of experiments Enea suggest that a short and intense, like a flash, directed UV exposure can stain the linen cloth in such a way that it was reproduced many features of the fingerprint of the body, including the tone of color, surface color of the outer fabric fibers and the absence of fluorescence.

However, as the scientists of Enea, the total power of UV radiation required for instant color linen sheet surface, corresponding to the human body of average height, is equal to 34 billion watts, and this power can not produce any of the currently existing sources of ultraviolet radiation. As stated by the researchers, the study has not yet been completed. They have to collect the “fragments of the scientific puzzle – a complex and fascinating.” The mystery of the origin of the image on the Shroud of Turin “challenge to our intelligence,” Stampa brings words of Pope John Paul II.

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