Iceland expects a major volcanic eruption

volcanicThe largest glaciers in Iceland, scientists have identified signs of inevitable eruption, which may be one of the strongest in the history of the island. Katla volcano (the crater diameter – 10 km) is able to melt ice and cause catastrophic flooding on the east coast of Iceland. Last month there were more than five hundred aftershocks in the caldera and near it, – said Ford Cochran of the National Geographic Society. – Magma was set in motion. ” The first signs of an impending nightmare came 9 July: a relatively small earthquake has led to significant flooding: bridges were washed away, a few days a number of areas of the country was isolated. “This is the fourth in the last half-century period of awakening Cuttle,” – explains Paudl Einarsson of the University of Iceland.
The last major eruption occurred in 1918. Event record remains 1755, when the volcano melted so much ice that the amount of water can be compared with the total volume of the largest rivers in the world. Over the past thousand years have been other disasters: we know about them through sagas. But, of course, modern measuring tools did not exist. It is not known for seismic activity that was in 1918. The volcano erupts every 40-80 years, so that wait is a little bit. Katla – this is only part of the whole volcanic system. In 1783 it erupted for eight months. In the atmosphere got so much hydrogen fluoride and sulfur dioxide, which killed one in five Icelandic and half of livestock. Folk legends tell us that after a whole year has come something like a nuclear winter. In recent years Iceland every year reminds of itself. In 2010, the volcano Eyjafjallaj√∂kull paralyzed air traffic over Europe, despite the fact that the eruption was relatively weak. The thing unusual chemistry of magma eruption and the duration of the accompanying cataclysmic weather conditions. This year’s distinguished Grimsvotn volcano – its eruption was larger in volume of ejected material, but only lasted a week, and the ashes of departed quickly from the atmosphere. Affected only the farmers in the south-east of the island. Of course, Iceland is not the only place where volcanoes erupt. For example, experts with the terrible excitement of waiting for awakening a seamount near the island of Hierro in the Canaries and the emergence of a new land. At the same time, Iceland is unique, because sitting on two tectonic plates. Besides, this is the only place where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises above the water

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