Fairy-tale style of architecture of Antonio Gaudi

30 Dec

The mystery of the fallen worldThe Architectural masterpieces of Spanish architect fascinating for its fantastic dimension. It’s a whole world that would make any city a unique planet. But luck only Barcelona. If you are not interested in the sea, lots of attractions and entertainment venues in Barcelona, for the sake of Gaudi there should at least once in a lifetime visit.

A native of Catalonia, Antoni Gaudí (1852 Р1926) graduated from the Barcelona architecture school, but for a long time could not break through with their projects for living tiny works. Under the influence of neo-Gothic architect, Antonio invented so unique and eclectic style, that it is impossible to repeat.  Vicens House, House Bones, House Batllo, Pedrera Gaudi or else you will immediately learn of chimeric almost fabulous detail.

Palace and Park – is generally a place of fantasy. Walking among the palm trees and beautifully carved stone pillars, you believe that there is no restrictions talent.From 1891 until his death Gaudi is working on a cathedral Sagrada Familia. Temple like flies in the sky. His trumpet to take a regular camera.

Neo-Gothic style Cathedral is decorated with so much imagination and talent of the architect, one can only wonder. Not having time to finish the Cathedral, Antoni Gaudi was killed by hitting a tram. Legend tells that he strongly supported the idea of a tramway in Barcelona. Like it or not, but the great architect left the difficult task of his followers – complete the cathedral Sagrada Familia. Even the amateur eye immediately notice the difference, where he worked himself Gaudi, and where modern architects.

Most of the works included in the Gaudi UNESCO World Heritage List. Barcelona – a place where Gaudi architecture to inspire the creative flight and will not leave indifferent anybody.

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