Alien bases on the moon is becoming more

06 Dec

alienA proof of the alien moon bases every year becomes more and more. And new evidence appearing with increasing rapidity. Even in ancient China, the X-XI century BC, the astrologer had written numerous treatises on the starry sky. However, none of them found no mention of the moon. In this regard, we can assume that the satellite at that time had not yet appeared. By comparing this version of the legend of the Deluge, some researchers have come to the conclusion that the emergence of low Earth orbit on our current night light became the primary cause of the disaster of antiquity. According to scientists, is the historical period that is associated with the acquisition of a natural satellite of Earth, are the first mention of the strange beings arriving on Earth from space.
One evidence of this hypothesis are the pictures of the ancient Maya, who are descended from the moon represent the people in unusual garb. In 1968, Astrophysical Information System NASA has released a directory that contains a description of some six hundred anomalies on the lunar surface. These include moving unidentified flying objects of various shapes and sizes, appearing and disappearing lunar craters, bright fog, shadows and the appearance of a bright light flash. A Russian astronomer Kozyrev was fixed on the moon a few flashes of red. These anomalies are most often recorded in one of the largest craters with a diameter of about one hundred miles. The crater was named “Alphonse,” he is the most mysterious place on the moon. In the 60 years of the twentieth century, American astronomer Carl Sagan said that in the lunar soil were found caves, shapes and sizes which suggest that they were created unnatural way. The interior space of the largest cave is about one hundred cubic kilometers. U.S. astronauts at the time made it clear that all the mission spacecraft “Apollo” from 1968 to 1972 were followed by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, there were documented cases of alien contact with the astronauts. The aliens communicated with earthlings with code encryption. Version of the existence of a special cipher supported by the Japanese astronomer Kenzahuro Toyoda in 1958. A scientist from the Land of the Rising Sun saw on the moon seven huge letters, which disappeared after a few nights. The appearance of these characters and remains unexplained. And not so long ago in the press leaked the phrase American astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered them immediately after landing on the moon: “O Lord! There are other spaceships, they lined up along the far edge of the crater. They are watching us! “. Soviet astrophysicist Iosif Shklovsky believed that the moon may well be inactive ship of another civilization. Later, a similar version of the proposed radio astronomer Alex Arkhipov. He suggested that the satellite – is an alien plant, designed specifically for observing life on this planet. The researchers, including representatives from NASA, argue that the world government has banned people informed on the presence of aliens on the moon. However, the existence of photographs depicting various buildings and equipment footprints on the lunar soil, suggest otherwise. Presumably, the alien base located on the reverse side of the moon. Witnesses lunar kingdoms became the mission “Apollo.” According to rumors on the reverse side of the moon revealed castles and towers of a transparent material that resembles rock crystal, and various equipment and vehicles, and that leaves traces. We expect even more surprising discovery. No wonder the Night Light from the ancient times people think the mysterious and inexplicable force to attract their attention.

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