Abu Simbel – a wonderful reminder of the historical

Abu Simbel the historicalAbu Simbel the time of Pharaoh Ramses II, located in Nubia. This temple built by all the rules of ancient Egypt. Rock with two temples to treat inheritance by UNESCO.

This unique monument in honor of Ramses II and wonderful Nefertari was moved in 1960 to the mountain, above the emptied reservoir artificially Aswan.

The temple was built in the XI century and known as the “Temple of Ramses, who likes Amon.” Probably, the pharaoh was to surprise the neighbors and show the importance of Egyptian religion in the region. The temple still conveys a sense of pride, arrogance, and even the famous pharaoh.
Like other monuments and temples of Egypt, Abu Simbel has escaped oblivion and abandonment. Only in the XIX century Italian explorer, Giovanni Belzoni discovered it again. Saving the rocks on the Bodi Lake Nasser was paid for dearly. First, the rock, then there is a temple, dissected into pieces, and only moved a little higher above the water.

Interesting is that the first temple dedicated to Amun of the two, and behind the scenes himself Pharaoh, and the second, smaller one – the goddess of Hazor, which represented the favorite of more than 200 women – Nefertari. the church always remains in the attention of tourists. On the one hand, he breathes antiquity and mystery, and the other reminiscent of great people and great love.

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