Botswana – rest for the brave and romantic

the brave and romantic A large country with a minimum population. She is one of the most developed countries in Africa. In Botswana is home to only 1.5 million people, primarily because a large part of Botswana’s Kalahari desert occupies. What is known for Botswana? Several large parks, including the Chobe National Park – the most populated giraffes, elephants, lions, buffaloes, antelopes and many different birds.

Here you can see tremendous baobabs, the crown which covers an area larger than the house. Despite the desert area, Botswana is very popular among tourists. Continue reading “Botswana – rest for the brave and romantic”

Fairy-tale style of architecture of Antonio Gaudi

The mystery of the fallen worldThe Architectural masterpieces of Spanish architect fascinating for its fantastic dimension. It’s a whole world that would make any city a unique planet. But luck only Barcelona. If you are not interested in the sea, lots of attractions and entertainment venues in Barcelona, for the sake of Gaudi there should at least once in a lifetime visit.

A native of Catalonia, Antoni Gaudí (1852 – 1926) graduated from the Barcelona architecture school, but for a long time could not break through with their projects for living tiny works. Continue reading “Fairy-tale style of architecture of Antonio Gaudi”

Abu Simbel – a wonderful reminder of the historical

Abu Simbel the historicalAbu Simbel the time of Pharaoh Ramses II, located in Nubia. This temple built by all the rules of ancient Egypt. Rock with two temples to treat inheritance by UNESCO.

This unique monument in honor of Ramses II and wonderful Nefertari was moved in 1960 to the mountain, above the emptied reservoir artificially Aswan.

The temple was built in the XI century and known as the “Temple of Ramses, who likes Amon.” Probably, the pharaoh was to surprise the neighbors and show the importance of Egyptian religion in the region. The temple still conveys a sense of pride, arrogance, and even the famous pharaoh. Continue reading “Abu Simbel – a wonderful reminder of the historical”

The mystery of the fallen world in Africa revealed

mysteriousNamibia metal ball weighing over six pounds, most likely not related to any unidentified flying objects, or to the remnants of an emergency interplanetary station “Phobos-Grunt.” According to to experts, the mysterious ball may be a fragment of the third stage of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U”, which orbited the transport ship Progress M-13M.With high probability, it can be argued that the finding in Namibia between 15 and 20 November metallic sphere, which are pictures on the Internet, is nothing but a ball-cylinder from the third stage carrier rocket” Soyuz-U.

Calculations show that the route falling stage was held November 1 in the morning just above this section of Namibia, – told the columnist of the magazine News of Cosmonautics Igor Lisov. Continue reading “The mystery of the fallen world in Africa revealed”

On the ice of Lake Baikal observed a thousand strange circles

circlesArt is made on the ice of Lake Baikal. Dark areas of pictures – is a surface free from snow. Shows circles. A lot of laps. About a thousand. They are arranged in a spiral. Their diameter increases from one to another in accordance with a number of the Fibonacci numbers, in which each successive number is equal to the sum of the previous two. Something like that – called the English, or corn, circles – usually appears on the fields of crops. Inscribed polemicist plants. And also, usually conceals some meaningful information.
Continue reading “On the ice of Lake Baikal observed a thousand strange circles”

Our ancestors stood up

ancestors Straightened in all growth that was not so hot – that’s long been considered one of the reasons why our ancestors began walking on two legs in a hot and sunny climate.

But now scientists say it’s not entirely true. A group of scientists conducted a study aimed at trying to figure out than our ancestors, who were probably covered with a thick woolen cover, to sacrifice in order to move in a hot environment the African savannah. Continue reading “Our ancestors stood up”

The source of materials for Stonehenge

StonehengeGeologists have discovered in the town of Craig and Ros-Felina Pembrokeshire County in the southwest Wales quarry, in which the ancients quarried blocks of sandstone and diabase for the construction of Stonehenge.

Most archaeologists and geologists agree that building materials could not be produced on the spot, in the southwestern part of England at the site of modern Wiltshire, and were delivered to the place of construction of the monument from South Wales, where the next deposit of the breed. Continue reading “The source of materials for Stonehenge”

Not a fake Shroud of Turin

ShroudNew Technologies-Energy and Sustainable Economic Development of Italy (Enea) published a report on five years of research the Shroud of Turin. Participants in the study – Lazzaro, Murr, Santoni, and Nikelatti Baldachino – trying to understand how the linen shroud so clearly imprinted image.

In addition, they set out to determine what physical and chemical processes can cause this type of dyeing cloth as the Shroud of Turin. The researchers started from the last and the only complete study of paintings by the Group of American Scientists (Shroud of Turin Research Project). As a result of their own research Italian researchers entirely refuted the claim that the Shroud of Turin is a medieval forgery. Continue reading “Not a fake Shroud of Turin”

The ritual burial discovered an ancient civilization

civilizationThe sacrificed people discovered in northern Peru: a huge tomb at once found the remains of 60 people who have been a ritual offering to the gods for a thousand years ago. As reported in the Saturday edition of the Peruvian La Republica, good luck accompanied the work of two Peruvian archaeologists leading the excavations in the northern region of Lambayeque more than six months. In a huge pit depth of eight meters and an area of 150 square meters of many found human skeletons, skulls, separated from the body, the remains of dogs, domestic utensils. Continue reading “The ritual burial discovered an ancient civilization”

Second mutation in the earliest human

humanThe Genetic defect, found in the present, people of different ethnic groups (Arabs, Turks, and Jews) and causes a rare and fatal disease syndrome Imerslund-Grensbeka (IGS), appeared in 11 600 years BC. This is the conclusion, researchers from the Cancer Center at Ohio University (USA). Wide dissemination of an ancient mutation surprised scientists because it is usually mutation-founder does not go beyond the relative isolation of the population or ethnic group, in which it originated. Diagnosis of IGS – it is long, and the results can be ambiguous, because vitamin B12 deficiency may be due to different reasons,” – said one of the study’s authors, Stephen Tanner. Continue reading “Second mutation in the earliest human”