Secrets of the hole and devil ringing rocks

23 Nov

devilA mystical place – American continent is in fact famous for strange places. Here you can find unique buildings, skyscrapers and wonderful scenery. But in our case, we will not know. In addition to the miracle of civilization in America may contemplate the wonders created by nature itself, for example – Hole Devil. This anomalous area is located near the river Delaware, which takes place in Pennsylvania. This river and its floodplain like a daunting mountainous area where there is a black hole “as it were, to nowhere.” None of the people has no idea how it is deep.
Most people believe that the black hole leads to the lair of the Devil in Hell ..
The mountains that surround the hole, have their own shades of votes. To all the tourists. wandered into this area, this sound brings a chilling horror, as from time to time and without any particular reason at the rock emit low-frequency sounds lingering in rather wide ranges of tone and volume. People who by chance are near Devil’s Hole, as a rule have a terrible uncontrollable terror, even if the ringing silence around. This horror occurs even in people who have no clue about the legends that tell of these places. We know that this one single place on Earth where there is such a …. Perhaps something similar is happening with the strange “ringing rocks”. Devil’s Hole one seriously interested in scholars who have tried for a long time to unravel this mystery of nature. But they never managed to reach a consensus. The scientists studied the external and the internal structure of the mountains, their size and shape, but it did not give them. “Musical ability,” the researchers believe, to the same extent in this anomalous zone of the devil have a separate small-sized stones and huge chunks of rocks and forms a relief of up to tens of tons. The researchers tested the experimental hypothesis about the things that are ringing as soon as the dense, fine-grained homogeneous rock structures, such as quartzite, rhyolite, or basalt. It is so full of rocks, these rocks .. But the view is, unfortunately, was not confirmed. And some other versions too, so far not put forward. Scientists could not explain the origin of the blood-red tops “ringing rocks” which creates a sharp contrast with the adjacent rocks. Although the material of their composition is absolutely identical .. Stories about the Devil’s Hole lot of … Legend says that this is the entrance to the underground world – namely, in the heart of hell. This is the Devil’s Gate, through which a person periodically goes to an evil spirit, when he wants to create on Earth next stuff. Geologists believe that this anomalous ringing failure, going to the center of the Earth – an ordinary slit, which was formed in the faults of the earth’s crust in places where two tectonic plates are separated by great distance from each other. Devil’s Gate in the size scale of Planet Earth itself is not very big – only 10 x 12 m. But the vertical hole strongly impress. At a depth of somewhere 130 meters a little crevice filled with groundwater to form in this strange place a small crystal-clear underground lake. And the depth of the underground lake no one has yet been able to measure .. And no one for sure do not know, where do these mysterious depths ..

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