Not end of the World 2012

 WorldThe Large Hadron Collider, the apocalypse did not happen. At least in 2012. Today, during the plenary session of the International Conference “Problems of adaptation to climate change” in Moscow, sounded optimistic estimates of the universal future. According to experts in the field of ecology, with panic is to wait. The head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov rightly pointed out that the doomsday prophesy is not the first time, and said that should be of speculative forecasts refer to the development of research mechanisms to have accurate information about the problem. The existing gap between the needs of today climate information and opportunities of climate science can be eliminated by the adoption of a global framework for climate services.
Maybe it’s time to think about the formation of a global initiative to accelerate adaptation to climate change under UN auspices,” – said Frolov. Alexander Bedritsky, Special Presidential Envoy on climate change, agreed with the head of Hydromet and suggested that the problem of adaptation is a priority because adequate measures to adapt to climate change, will make it possible to avoid a large number of victims. This view is shared by the Head of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology Department of Geography Moscow State University Alexander Kislov, saying that the environmental and economic impacts of warming will not keep you waiting. But it is not a year or two, and certainly not in the coming year 2012. “The response of individual regions to global change is very different. In each region, dominated by its natural ecological process, caused by climate change, “- he explained. The conference is held on behalf of Roshydromet Russian government with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the federal executive bodies, public organizations, supported by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNESCO and other international institutions. The organizing committee is headed by Hydromet Alexander Frolov. Recall that last week a lot of fuss about excerpts from the next, the fifth in a row, the assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Although the report will be released only at the conference in Uganda, 14 – 17 November, some information about the bleak future came to be known now. According to a document of civilization will have to deal with the devastating rains and severe droughts. If now the disastrous rainstorms occur once in 20 years, by the end of the century they will occur every five years and may be accompanied by devastating hurricanes. As for the drought, still has not been established for certain, what will their scope. Either way, the climate impact will be so strong that many regions will simply uninhabitable, and after extreme weather events is inevitable social explosion. Call the regions that suffer primarily from the effects of climate collapse, experts of the Intergovernmental Panel flatly refuse to as long as the report is not submitted in full.

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