Hunted House-Villa Winchester

VillaOne of the most famous products of American architecture. The building has 160 rooms, it is very much like tangled and confusing maze. Local landmark is a ladder, rests directly in the ceiling. In addition, the house has still a very large number of strange and unexplained parts, which obviously have no practical value. According to legend, after the death of William Winchester, it saddened widow went to a medium at a seance. The session went very well. The spirit of a deceased inventor told the woman that the family left a terrible curse. He advised her to immediately drop everything, move to somewhere far away and start building a house. As soon as the house will be finished – so it will come for the soul of dead from a gun, poluchivsheee name of its creator. In horror, the widow moved to San Jose, where immediately began building a house, which lasted nearly forty years – until his death turned landlady. As a result, the house has turned out the way we see it now – a huge and very confusing.

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