Hunted House-Loftus Hall

HallCastle Loftus Hall was built in 1350 Legend has it that one dark night in the castle and knocked on a stranger asked him to leave for the night. The friendly owner of the castle did not refuse. During the dinner, people were invited to the common table. By chance the owner’s daughter leaned over and saw with horror that the traveler’s feet are transparent … She issued a cry, the stranger immediately disappeared into thin air, leaving only a hole in the ceiling. Later, the girl died under mysterious circumstances. Since then, the ghosts became frequent guests at the castle. And they are bothered by their presence the owner with his wife until then, until they asked to expel the evil spirits to the local priest. After the rite of consecration everything stopped. In the late 19th century building was demolished, and at the same site was built new. However, the poor girl’s ghost still hovers in the dark corridors of the …

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