Favorable combination of numbers – 11/11/11

This year, month and day , Mars will approach with adjustable out of the constellation Leo, and is a beautiful spectacle of two near luminous celestial bodies. On Friday, calendars show the date 11/11/11, disturbing people’s minds long ago. As we were told at the Dnepropetrovsk planetarium with astronomical point of view coming Friday is absolutely no need to fear because nothing supernatural in space is not expected. System calendar account even now people are using different. The fact that we will have to 11.11.2011 for Israel – a different date, China is also different. The only event that is coming in that day – that Mars comes closer to Regula from the constellation Leo, and is a beautiful spectacle of two near luminous celestial bodies. But this is – is not uncommon and occurs every two years. There will also be visible in the sky, and Jupiter and the moon, but it will happen no matter how we call this date. Maybe in terms of numerology date is interesting, but even on this side have nothing to fear. It’s odd, which are considered lucky. And now even talk about the end of the world not as it is a favorable combination of digital.
After 10.10.2010 passed almost unnoticed, we decided that the people calmed down, and began to prepare the topic for this occasion. But it turned out, that went new wave “- smiles planetarium lecturer Lyudmila Marchenko.
The specialist also hastened to reassure our readers, assuring that the information about coming to our planet three giant spaceships, probably not more than another horror story. “I was surprised that such information read quite a decent site. Indeed, if you open it star map and enter the coordinates of these in turn allegedly ships, loaded with photos incomprehensible objects. But when I checked the coordinates of these, it appears that all of them are located near the North Star, which looks on a daily basis thousands of astronomers. Experts have long since would have noticed them if they really existed “- sure astronomer

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