Ancient fishing hooks

ancient fishingArchaeologists have discovered the oldest to date the age of fish hooks in 23 000 years and remains caught in fishing first cave Dzherimalay on the east coast of Timor and reported their findings in an article published in the journal Science. A team led by Sue O’Connor (Sue O’Connor) from the Australian National University in Kaberre believes that ancient people used the network to catch small fish and skumbrievyh baited hooks – fishing for mackerel and bass. It is believed that early humans left Africa and colonized the Sunda Islands and the coast of Australia about 50,000 years ago. Continue reading “Ancient fishing hooks”

Americans simulated explosion of a star

starComputer modeling has enabled scientists to clarify the processes occurring during the explosion of supernovae of type Ia. Researchers reported their findings at the American Physical Society in Baltimore, and a summary of the report is available on the website of society.
According to the most popular hypothesis at the moment, the explosion of Type Ia supernovae occur in binary systems in which the white dwarf stealing matter from the star-neighbor reaches a critical mass (the Chandrasekhar limit) and explodes. But exactly how the explosion takes place, the physics are still arguing. Continue reading “Americans simulated explosion of a star”

Secrets of the hole and devil ringing rocks

devilA mystical place – American continent is in fact famous for strange places. Here you can find unique buildings, skyscrapers and wonderful scenery. But in our case, we will not know. In addition to the miracle of civilization in America may contemplate the wonders created by nature itself, for example – Hole Devil. This anomalous area is located near the river Delaware, which takes place in Pennsylvania. This river and its floodplain like a daunting mountainous area where there is a black hole “as it were, to nowhere.” None of the people has no idea how it is deep. Continue reading “Secrets of the hole and devil ringing rocks”

Ghosts and White House

The richer the history of a place, the greater the chance that there zavedutsya ghosts. In the United States record for most ghosts is the White House. You can see the phantoms of the dead presidents, as well as the demonic ghost of a black cat, whose appearance is said to portend disaster of national importance. Perhaps the most important ghostly occupant of the White House – Abraham Lincoln, shot by terrorists in 1865. Phantom of the deceased came to be seen in his former residence almost immediately after death. His first saw Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge. The ghost of Lincoln standing at the window in the Oval Office and thoughtfully looked at stretching down Pennsylvania Avenue. Continue reading “Ghosts and White House”

Hunted House-Stanley Hotel

Hunted HouseKnown to all who enjoy the creativity of Stephen King, or just likes to place bets again and look through the strange mini-series about a haunted hotel. This is the novel The Shining, one of the most famous works of King.
However, the crowd of onlookers gather here each season is not due to the series: the hotel is actually inhabited by ghosts. Guests have not seen spirits long dead first host hotel as well as his wife.
Staff complains of strange noises coming from vacant rooms, and sometimes even hotel employees watched as standing in the hall the old piano suddenly begins to play itself.

Hunted House-Loftus Hall

HallCastle Loftus Hall was built in 1350 Legend has it that one dark night in the castle and knocked on a stranger asked him to leave for the night. The friendly owner of the castle did not refuse. During the dinner, people were invited to the common table. By chance the owner’s daughter leaned over and saw with horror that the traveler’s feet are transparent … She issued a cry, the stranger immediately disappeared into thin air, leaving only a hole in the ceiling. Later, the girl died under mysterious circumstances. Since then, the ghosts became frequent guests at the castle. And they are bothered by their presence the owner with his wife until then, until they asked to expel the evil spirits to the local priest. After the rite of consecration everything stopped. In the late 19th century building was demolished, and at the same site was built new. However, the poor girl’s ghost still hovers in the dark corridors of the …

Favorable combination of numbers – 11/11/11

This year, month and day , Mars will approach with adjustable out of the constellation Leo, and is a beautiful spectacle of two near luminous celestial bodies. On Friday, calendars show the date 11/11/11, disturbing people’s minds long ago. As we were told at the Dnepropetrovsk planetarium with astronomical point of view coming Friday is absolutely no need to fear because nothing supernatural in space is not expected. System calendar account even now people are using different. The fact that we will have to 11.11.2011 for Israel – a different date, China is also different. Continue reading “Favorable combination of numbers – 11/11/11”

Hunted House-Villa Winchester

VillaOne of the most famous products of American architecture. The building has 160 rooms, it is very much like tangled and confusing maze. Local landmark is a ladder, rests directly in the ceiling. In addition, the house has still a very large number of strange and unexplained parts, which obviously have no practical value. According to legend, after the death of William Winchester, it saddened widow went to a medium at a seance. The session went very well. The spirit of a deceased inventor told the woman that the family left a terrible curse. He advised her to immediately drop everything, move to somewhere far away and start building a house. Continue reading “Hunted House-Villa Winchester”

Not end of the World 2012

 WorldThe Large Hadron Collider, the apocalypse did not happen. At least in 2012. Today, during the plenary session of the International Conference “Problems of adaptation to climate change” in Moscow, sounded optimistic estimates of the universal future. According to experts in the field of ecology, with panic is to wait. The head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov rightly pointed out that the doomsday prophesy is not the first time, and said that should be of speculative forecasts refer to the development of research mechanisms to have accurate information about the problem. The existing gap between the needs of today climate information and opportunities of climate science can be eliminated by the adoption of a global framework for climate services. Continue reading “Not end of the World 2012”

Vikings navigated with crystals

The Vikings relied on the high seas with high precision, long before the compass came to Europe? According to new research, the Scandinavians may have used the polarization of crystal, called sun stones, it is difficult to navigate in the northern latitudes traversed when traveling from Norway to Iceland, Greenland, and perhaps even in North America. These transparent crystals, which are commonly found in Iceland, can be used for the depolarization of light in determining the position of the sun even in cloudy weather. Continue reading “Vikings navigated with crystals”