The Dead Sea – Find a new life form

14 Oct

SeaThe scientists from Israel and Germany found a deep source and a new form of life in the Dead more.Gluboko under water, where, apparently, nothing can live, scientists have found microorganisms.
On Wednesday, researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev said that the Dead Sea, they found deep-water springs. Apparently, these springs provide fresh water lake quickly diminishing.
Meanwhile, a group of German scientists has discovered a new form of parallel life in the mineral-laden waters. New micro-organisms were found in crevices at the bottom.

The existence of the springs were known previously, traces of which can be seen on the surface. This time, scientists have found sources that are not visible from the shore. Their influence on the entire unique ecosystem and decided to investigate the research team.
Professor Jonathan Larunn together with the student Yaniv Munvesom have developed a system to measure the strength of the source, to study the structure of its jets.
Studies show that there are whole systems of complex sources of hundreds of meters in length and 30 meters in depth. Sources appear in the craters, which reach 15 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep, with steep smooth walls, covered with sediments and minerals.
Larunni assured: “When we develop a measurement system for new sources, we can understand how there is water in the Dead Sea.” Despite the fact that scientists have long considered the Dead Sea “wrong”, to discover the diversity of living organisms near the source was a surprise, as said Danny Ionescu of the Max Planck Institute, Bremen, Germany.

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