The cat was able to come back to life after two euthanasia

catA black cat, Andrea. An interesting case occurred in West Valley City, Utah. Cat picked up on the street and brought to an animal shelter. Long time no one at the animal did not come, so it was decided to put down – it always does, when to refuse pets or they can not find a new home. Andrea has been sent to the gas chamber with other animals. Surprisingly, the procedure had no effect on the cat – and they decided to put to sleep again. The body is “dead” Andrea put in a bag and sent to the cooling chamber. What a surprise it was a worker who was convinced that the cat is dead, when after 45 minutes in the refrigerator came a meow!According to staff the shelter when he heard these sounds, they opened the refrigerator, opened the package and saw a living, Andrea, frightened and with bulging eyes – but all living things alive.
Andrea pulled out of the fridge, and put to sleep for the third time did not dare. History of the unique cats aroused interest animal advocates, who also stood up for Andrea, recalling that the lull of homeless dogs and cats in gas chambers, brutally. Now the cat is recovering after what happened at home employee social welfare of the animals. Soon, Andrea plans to find the owner. But the American Association of Veterinary called this case out of the ordinary. Euthanasia in the gas chamber they call the standard and approved method of killing animals. And Andrea was incredibly lucky – that’s what it means to want to live!

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