The British phantom black dog is before her death

dogThe black dog frightens the British, according to experts from the Museum of paranormal phenomena. According to the old legend, he is a man before his death. Ghost demonic dogs first appeared in Newgate in London in the XVI century, and people saw him in the streets on the eve of execution, and at night, when hearings were held. In one ancient manuscript says that in the XII century during the reign of King Henry II, in Newgate thrown a local sorcerer. Conditions of detention of prisoners at the time were so severe that they are suffering from hunger. And some of them were cannibals. Among the victims was the man-eaters and a sorcerer. Soon after he was killed and eaten by fellow prisoners, was a phantom black dog who killed the murderers to death … Since it is not seen in the prison, as well as in the area, near Seshn House. In 1836, one of the inmates of the German city Vaynsberga, 39-year-old Elizabeth Eslinger, complained that her nightly visits from the spirit of a Catholic priest by the name of Vimentalya Senton. The late Senton told her that he had committed during the life of a multitude of sins, and asked to pray for him. This case became interested in the well-known German scholar Julius Kerner, while holding the post of prison doctor. Along with seven members of the verification commission, respected people in town, he led for 11 weeks of observation for the “bad” camera. Indeed, they were able to witness the unusual sound and visual phenomena – such as the sounds of someone unseen steps and vague vision of a human figure surrounded by a phosphorescent glow. People often hear the voice of a ghost.
Its appearance was accompanied by a strong putrid smell. When it touched the man on the skin in areas touching occurred burns. Also, from time to time the prison was shaken by powerful blows that can seem to break down the walls to the ground. It was clear that this is also the tricks of the ghost … And what about prisons and penal colonies? It turns out, and they have that porasskazat. For example, in 1964, a strange story happened to recidivist serving time in camp Mordvinian general regime. Three hardened criminals started a flight from the area. Done in secret hole in the barbed wire and began to prepare. At the appointed time came for the camp kitchen (where it was mine). One of the prisoners crawled through a hole in the wire out. The second thrust into the hole, but something stopped him. He turned around – and suddenly froze in place. I looked and the third – he is the protagonist of this story, call it N. So, NV looked back over his shoulder and saw hanging over the table flickering light of a cloud. From there, staring transparent woman’s face. Cloud close to N. and stopped two feet from him. Voice said, “Come back to the barracks, or perish in the raid you have arranged. Ordered to kill you on the spot if the fence will go. ”

Then the vision disappeared. N., looking toward the manhole, he found that his co-defendant had already fled. However, remembering the words of a transparent woman, he decided to return to the barracks. At this time the shots were heard – the protection of fugitives shot. Both killed instantly. It turned out that one of them blabbed about his escape, mate, find themselves an informer. Since information on the criminal’s plan came to his superiors, and in fact violence is short. But N. lucky – to prove his involvement in the failed escape. It turns out the woman from the cloud had saved his life. In the old buildings of the famous Moscow Butyrka is supposedly walled chamber, where there is a ghost prisoner, a prisoner there in the times of Catherine II. In the spring of 1992 the newspaper “Moskovskaya Pravda” published an article about the incident in the prison, “Sailor’s Silence.” It said that in December 1991, the administration of the agency sought the advice of the Museum of anomalous phenomena. As we learned from informed sources – newspaper reports – the reason for this sudden cooperation were complaints from prisoners, who were told that at night they clearly heard voices, and some have even seen some vague figures. It was also revealed that an unknown creature even scratched and guard dog.

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