Proved the existence of the Yeti

11 Oct

YetiKemerovo region culminated in the expedition and scientific conference with the participation of Russian and foreign scientists, designed to prove or disprove the existence of Bigfoot in the region. According to the press service of regional administration, scientists from Russia, USA, Canada, Sweden and Estonia visited Tashtagol Kemerovo region, and also made an expedition to the alleged Bigfoot habitat – Azasskuyu cave, as well as the mountain Karatag.
“During an expedition to the cave Azasskuyu the conference were collected irrefutable evidence of habitation in Mountain Shoria Bigfoot. Found his tracks, the estimated breeding ground, a variety of markers to help Yeti mark territory,” – said in a statement.

The press service also said that in one of the detected traces of a Russian scientist, Anatoly Fokin noticed a few hairs might belong to the Yeti. This and many other evidence of Bigfoot living in the region will be studied in a scientific laboratory.
Foreign experts have found traces of similarity found with traces of Bigfoot creatures found in the U.S. state of Michigan and a researcher at Sweden’s Ingemar Ramel proposed to excavate a cave in Azasskoy.
“Summing up, the participants concluded that the artifacts found in 95% of the evidence of habitation Bigfoot in the Kemerovo region,” – said representatives of the regional administration.
It is noted that scientists have adopted a declaration according to which it is recommended to “strengthen the study of this object, a more serious attitude toward society and the media.”
The first major event to search for Bigfoot is held in Russia for the first time since 1958. Expedition and Research Conference held in the Kemerovo region in the period from 6 to 8 October. In addition, in mid-September, an expedition to Azasskoy cave, which is considered a den of being headed by boxer Nikolai Valuev. Yeti himself he did not find, however, allegedly found evidence of its existence in the form of footprints and broken branches of trees.
Yeti has become a symbol of Mountain Shoria. This summer in a cave Azasskoy set the camera, which was supposed to film the appearance of a snowman. A lot of souvenirs and other symbols depicting the Yeti has become the most marketable commodity in Tashtagol area. In addition, last year Kuzbass power even organized Bigfoot Day to be celebrated annually on the opening day ski season.
Periodically, hunters and local residents reported the discovery in the cave in the Mountain Azasskoy Shoria large signs that are significantly different in size and shape of traces of other living beings, but so far the yeti was not found.

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