Mysterious – Hyperborea, Alexander of Macedonia

10 Oct

AlexandeDemetrius Cathedral in Vladimir was built in 1194-1197, respectively. Applied to the facade relief, which depicts Alexander of Macedon. And he lifted up into the sky. Based on this information, you can judge that this great leader enjoyed great popularity in ancient Russia – for the people he was practically a saint, worthy of ascension to heaven. The facade is already surprising, since the flight is very similar to Alexander’s rise test backpacks equipped with rocket engines, flight which often shows the channel “Discovery”. Does Alexander have been to Russia? What he wanted to find here and how fate brought him here? Just open the book “In Search of the cradle of civilization” Valery Demin, to get answers to some questions.
It has long been a tradition in Russia of campaign of Macedon. After the conquest of India, he spoke with the wise old man of this country. And after – not sent to Greece and to the north, heading a small group. There he wanted to find the legendary White Island, also known as Hyperborea. It was there that he intended to grasp the secret of immortality. Semen Remezov – an outstanding geographer and historian – was in the eighteenth century, “drawing book of Siberia.” And near the lower reaches of the Amur were inscribed the words that Macedonia had been there, arms folded and installed a bell. But the classic version of the story that the general was moving exclusively to the east. Yet if we closely examine his campaigns, it becomes clear that he was drawn to the North on a regular basis. Defeated Darius, he turns around modern Samarkand. After winning the Indian army of Alexander the strange move in zigzags, appearing in the north.
What he had in the North? Plutarch wrote that Alexander was always interested in secret knowledge. Moreover, a lot of information he had received in his life, he tried to save the others, not sharing it, even with their closest associates, not to mention other people. He criticized Aristotle – his teacher – because he was too generous in sharing his knowledge with all students in a row.
On this basis we can conclude that Alexander might well dream of a top special knowledge that he would have appreciated above all the brilliant victories in battle. It is no coincidence he decided to go just north to the ancient ancestral home, hoping to join its technical and scientific achievements. As you know, representatives of northern civilization, which the Greeks called the Hyperborean, reached at the time of amazing heights in science and technology. They owned the earth, underground, underwater and above-ground world. They were able to walk with a missile in the air, and used different forms of energy. In particular, they have used and nuclear power, being able to split the atom!
So here is a question of the deepest mysteries – the universal knowledge and immortality, the ultimate weapon! During the life of Alexander received the title of King of the Universe. Of course, everyone who was able to qualify for such status, and wanted to get the ultimate weapon. This weapon is mentioned in many ancient legends that tell of heroes and gods. And the example you can buy Indian, Hellenistic and Oriental sources – “Titanomahiya”, “Gigantomahiya”, “Ramayana”, “The Mahabharata” and many others. Of course, everyone had to hear the opinion that this is not the usual legends, and historical and very reliable facts, simply dressed in the form of a myth about these events, to explain that more clearly would not allow the level of people who lived then.
For example, an ancient Indian writer has kept mentioning the terrible weapon that can destroy everything – Astravidya. “Mahabharata” also mentions the terrible weapons – “Weapon of Brahma.” It is described in detail, and a description of a striking resemblance to an explosion of a thermonuclear bomb.
If you use “Weapon of Brahma” in the sky poles were raised. All to the horizon, plunges into darkness. Deadly whirlwinds sweep everything in its path. The world burned terrible heat of this weapon – thousands of chariots and sizzling terrible explosion. Burned elephants rushing in terror, not knowing where is the pain and danger. And for the delivery of the weapons used by the huge “Iron Arrow”. No need to have a rich imagination to understand what was going on – of course a modern nuclear missile.
Mention is also in the Hellenic mythology. For example, the Roman astronomer Huygens Julius, who lived in the second century AD, tells of the victory of the gods, the Olympians, after which they hide their weapons in Hyperborea. Among these weapons is Firebolt and Lightning. Is not modern firearms, and perhaps even Gauss rifle, or lasers?
In the Buryat Mongols, Uighurs, Tibetans and Tuva also has stories about the terrible iron bird that could destroy an entire people. But the people were saved thanks to a fiery arrow, which was hit by a big iron bird.

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