Historical-Solar oven

30 Oct

ovenSolar oven – this building, designed for catching the sun’s rays and create heat. The entire building is completely covered with curved mirrors. And shine so that you can not look at him sometimes. To date, solar oven, built in 1970 in the Eastern Pyrenees – the largest in the world.

An array of mirrors acts as a parabolic reflector. Light is focused at a single center. And temperatures there can reach 3500 degrees Celsius. At such temperatures can melt steel. But the temperature can be adjusted by setting the mirror at different angles. For example, a temperature of about 1400 degrees is used to produce hydrogen.

The temperature of 2500 degrees – for testing of materials under extreme conditions. For example, so check the nuclear reactors and space vehicles. But the temperature to 3500 ° C used for the manufacture of nanomaterials.

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