Eurasian Neanderthals

05 Oct

hunterNeanderthals are not only hunted gave to humanity from 1 to 4% of the genome. And, as it gradually turns out, were close to us not only genetically but also culturally. Played on the pipe, for example.
Nevertheless, Neanderthals still called roughest boobies and other rednekami with Beavis. “Common sense dictates that, once they had died – hence, were stupider than us”, – with bitterness the author of the new study, Bruce Hardy of Kenyon College (USA). Mr. Hardy and his colleagues have contributed to the rehabilitation of our cousins, showing that Neanderthals were not stupid big-game hunters. Their diet, it turns out, was very balanced and wide: in the menu also included poultry, fish and plant foods.

Science has enough evidence that the Neanderthals hunted big game: deer, mammoths and other herbivores. Most experts agreed that this work is so absorbed the Neanderthals, they did not pay attention to other sources of livelihood. Although there are hints that the Neanderthal diet supplemented birds, fish, shellfish and plants, they are generally considered to be the exception that proves the rule. In fact: how the Neanderthals could prey on birds? Because birds are fast, and Neanderthals are dumb!
But here’s Marie-Helene MONCEL from the French Institute of paleoanthropology and her colleagues dug a cave, Per (Payre) in the Rhone valley, which was inhabited by 250-125 thousand years ago. Found typical Neanderthal tools.
In addition to the bones of deer, horses, cattle, elephants, rhinos and analysis conducted by Mr. Hardy, resulted in the discovery of 182 artifacts, remains of microscopic fish scales, feathers and starchy plants. It remains unclear exactly how plants and animals they belonged to. From the relative confidence we can say only that Neanderthals ate wild carrot and parsnip

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