End of the World postponed to 2013?

12 Oct

worldThe invariable NASA believe that a few years later the planet Earth can expect man-made disasters. Our light is already starting to show donors. 22 and 24 September in the Sun have been recorded most powerful X-ray bursts in the vicinity of a sunspot AR1302. Such an early recurrence of blasts Astrophysics considered very unusual. Their reason – the peak of solar activity that falls in 2013. Such peaks occur regularly every 11 years – and then comes the “Year of the active sun.And on Monday to shoot a spot just a burst of sixteen different power disturbances, which gave a huge coronal mass ejection. The flow of charged particles, which reached the Earth’s magnetosphere, has already attracted strong geomagnetic storms, which scientists estimate could last until the end of the week.
The geometry of the relative positions of Earth and stains (and it is, incidentally, is much more of our planet) is becoming increasingly hostile. Simply put, the axis of the stronger emission coincide with the direction to Earth. In the area of ​​September 29 will be in a spot of rebellion ideal position to cause another blow to our planet. If at this moment it decides to rebel again, then we should expect even more severe geomagnetic storms and solar flares. I note that work with the SLR , the ability to shoot high-quality pictures can do to give good results – a quality photography with these phenomena. Activity stains AR1302 sooner or later will fall, but in the next couple of years strongly easier this does not become one. Astrophysics and so from the very beginning of this year, record a record for power solar flares – in February, June and August. And as we approach the peak in 2013 Technosphere fragile earth will come under increasingly strong impacts raging star. Scientists are sounding the alarm today. Man-made economy of the planet is at risk. Get into it, for example, air carriers are aircraft that are at the height, are particularly sensitive to solar disturbances. This is not to mention the increase in radiation dose to the crew and passengers. About headaches and pressure surges in meteozavisimyh people on the planet and not have to remind. Humanity is increasingly dependent on sophisticated communications infrastructure and control, tied to the electromagnetic system. This radio is a cellular communications, satellite navigation and it is, finally, basic power supply.

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