Discovered the remains of the ancient dinosaur

dinosaurThe remains were found by scientists from the Bavarian paleontological and geological museum. In Germany, discovered perfectly preserved skeleton of a theropod (carnivorous dinosaur), who died about 135 million years ago. Amazing find is that the skeleton is preserved in 98% of which have never before encountered, reports smione. It can be seen even fossils of the skin and protoperev. The most digestible remains that are found to the wound, were filled with only 80% owned. About the skeleton discovered there is already some interesting speculation and conjecture. For example, a British scientist discovered the Nation Darren on official photographs, that this theropod shorter legs and a long tail Bole than drugnih representatives of the species.
It is not known whether the dinosaur skeleton found the new injury is not known species, or cause unusual structure is that theropods had died at the age of 1 year. The remains will be put on a general overview of October 27 at the Munich exhibition of minerals, gems, jewelry and fossils.

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