Bermuda Triangle: The time is visible

Bermuda A place that traditionally is the most horrible, most horrible place the world. … It disappeared without a trace many ships and planes – most of them after 45 years. Here in the last 26 years have killed more than a thousand people. However, if you search failed to find any wreckage or corpses …

With these words begins the description of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in Charles Berlitz American writer, now that phrase quoted with pleasure as opponents and supporters of the hypothesis of the existence between Florida, Cuba and Bermuda some strange mysterious place, in other words – the anomalous zone.
Area, certainly exists, but is it really so bloodthirsty, as portrayed in newspapers and magazines? A thousand dead for a quarter century – a lot. But imagine that the stretch of land that the same area in Russia for the same time killed on the roads only 15 times more people. Comparison with the highways empowered, for a specified area of the Atlantic is a huge amount of air and sea routes and the number of passenger-kilometre on do not give up the whole road network.
It is clear that not every ship is on the bottom, to put it more precisely – a tiny sink, a vanishingly small part of being in the area of the fleet. Where did such a terrible reputation? It really started after World War II. The phenomenon of psychological well-being of the American nation of that period still awaits its researchers, as long as only passings attempt to touch him. From 1945 to 1949 the U.S. had the strongest army, the monopoly owner of a formidable nuclear weapon. It would seem that Americans should have to feel like a nation, commands all the rest of the world. They really played with the nuclear club for a Russian guy did not see a worthy opponent of his Herculean strength. Theosophists have commented it happened: in retaliation for increased national pride, God unleashed on America the greatest fear.

Total for 4 years she had experienced several shocks injections Americans feel vulnerable to the threat of even more powerful forces: Martians, aliens from other worlds, just ghosts, and apparitions. In 1947, after the usual, but then there were much new unconventional sciences of ufology like. But Nach lisse two years earlier – with the fear of devouring ocean. December 5, 1945, was a common day for the U.S. Air Force, based in Florida. While in the service there consisted of a large number of pilots who have received extensive military flying experience, so that the incident occurred in the air, comparatively rare.

An experienced commander who logged over 2,500 hours, was Lieutenant Charles C. Taylor, it could be relied on and the other pilots his 19-th link, many of whom were older than Taylor’s career. Yes izadanie this time they were not too complicated: go straight course to Chicken Shoal, located north of the island of Bimini. [Log in B. Science disproves the myth Moscow, 1988]. Over conventional training exercises combat pilots joked and had fun, but one of them felt that something was wrong in his heart and stayed on the ground at systray risk. It saved his life … The weather was gorgeous, five triple torpedo bombers, Avenger (The Avengers) and took off headed for the east, having on board (remember this number!) Combustible at 5.5 hours … They were never seen what happened to them afterward – knows only one God.

Different hypotheses (often contrived), and versions in this regard was put forward enough. All of them remained unsaid only one reason – not found the missing aircraft. But here recently … But let’s not jump ahead. First, we must try to reconstruct the tragedy. Advance warning that the details are taken from the investigations and publications of official chronicles in Florida, so many details are quite different from what you may ever read … In 10/14 aircraft with 14 pilots (instead of 15) took off, reached the goal, about 15.30-15.40 formed in the opposite direction to the southwest. A few minutes later at 15.45 at the command post of Fort Lauderdale air base received the first strange message: – We have an emergency situation. Obviously strayed off course. We do not see the ground, I repeat, we do not see the ground. The manager has made a request for their co-ordinates. The answer greatly puzzled by all the present officers: – We cannot determine its location.

We do not know where are now. We seem to be lost. It was as if the microphone was not talking former pilot and bewildered novice, who had no idea how to navigate the sea! In this situation, a representative of the airbase was the right decision: Hold the course to the west! Long past the coast of Florida aircraft certainly not prosocial. But … – We do not know where the west. Nothing happens … Strange … We cannot determine the direction. Even the ocean does not look right, as usual! .. From the ground trying to squadron targeting, however, due to sharply increased atmospheric noise these tips seem nebula heard. Managers themselves are hardly caught snatches of radio pilots among themselves: – We do not know where we are.

It must be in 225 miles northeast of the base … It seems that we … At 16.45 from Taylor comes a strange message: We are the Gulf of Mexico. Land Manager Don Poole decided that the pilots or confused, or crazy, indicated the site was in a totally opposite side of the horizon! At 17.00, it became clear that the pilot’s nagrani nervous breakdown, some of them crying on the air: Damn it, if it flew to the west, would come home! Then the voice of Taylor: Our home – the north-east … The first fear was soon a few from aircraft noticed some of the islands. Sodomy land area of intersection. I am sure that this is Keith …  Terrestrial services also zapelengovali missing, and there was hope that Taylor will restore the orientation … But all in vain. Darkness fell.

Fly out to search executives aircraft returned empty-handed (one more plane disappeared while searching for) … On the most recent words of Taylor still is controversy. Ham radio operators were able to hear, I think what we like … we go down into the white water … we completely lost our way … According to the reporter and writer A. Ford, in 1974, after 29 years, a ham has shared this information: Supposedly, the last words of the commander were, Do not follow me … They look like people from the universe … (International 41-1975, p. 18). To me, the last phrase probably invented or later: up to 1948 people almost certainly would have used in this situation, the phrase come from Mars. Even at a meeting of the Commission of Inquiry of the incident later dropped the phrase: They disappeared as irrevocably as if it flew off to Mars! It is unlikely to, and Taylor took little dictionary words The Universe, especially because of the aliens did not think of there even science fiction … Digress briefly from the Avenger. After the case of the missing 5 planes like mushrooms after the rain began to be new stories with a sad ending.

Normal mysterious disappearances bermudologam was not enough, so in the course went registration, reservations, and just a hoax, which resulted in the death toll of the triangle were the court, either by drowning quite trivial reasons (the Japanese ship Raifuku-Maru, around which arose the legend in 1924, crashed Navid another ship was due to severe storms, three-masted schooner Star of-nuc in no time posted on the bottom exploded diesel) or away from the area of Bermuda (German barque Freya in 1902, the press, suffered from the Pacific Ocean due to an accidental coincidence in the names of the terrain; trimaran Teignmouth Electron in 1989 vsamom case was abandoned crew, but – short of 1800 miles to the triangle) or even no court (mistaken alarm, for example, raised twice due to waterlogged buoy set Academician Kurchatov in 1978) …
Of these, cases of disappearances of ships on the books hardly get more than 10-15% of that reported in the sensational newspaper articles. The trouble is that to deal with these cases is practically impossible, this mysterious something does not leave any witnesses. But you can try to talk silent witness to the tragedy – the tapes, records readings of radar reports of search, etc. So back to the disappearance of 19-th link. It is at these events, despite the fact that in Bermuda there were more bloody and more numerous tragedies, pay attention, though, would like the classics. So, the first and indisputable conclusion to be drawn from listening to radios records – pilots have faced in the air with something unusual and strange.

This fateful meeting was the first not only for them but probably about like they have not heard from his colleagues and friends. Only this can explain the strange disorientation and panic in the normal full-time situation. The ocean has a strange appearance, there was a white water needle dance – agree that this list may scare anyone, but just not experienced maritime pilots, who are likely to already found in the extreme conditions necessary course overlooking the sea. Especially because they had a great opportunity to return to the shore: it was enough to turn to the west, and then it would not for that aircraft would not have flown past the huge peninsula. Here we reach the root cause of panic. The flight of bombers in line with common sense and the recommendations from the earth for about a half hour looking for the land just to the west, then about an hour – turns to the west and east. And have not found it.

The fact that a U.S. state disappeared without a trace, can deprive the mind of even the most persistent. It is fair to say that the land at the end of their mission, they saw, but did not dare to splash down near the shallows. Visually, the outlines of the islands in Taylor found that the ridge is over the Florida Keys (southwest of the southern tip of Florida), and at first even turned to the northeast to Florida. But soon under the influence of colleagues doubted what they saw and came back on track, as though he was considerably east of Florida, that is, where he should be and where it ground radar installations. But where were they really? On the ground, the crew report on the observation of Kiss was seen as raving panicked pilots.

Finders could be mistaken for exactly 180 degrees and it is their property was taken into account, but at the time the operators were aware that the aircraft somewhere in the Atlantic (30 degrees north latitude, 79 degrees W) north of the Bahamas and they just had no idea that in fact the missing l, nk is considerably west of the Gulf of Mexico. If so, it really Taylor OG see the Florida Keys, and not – similar to the Florida Keys. Perhaps operators finders in Miami failed to distinguish between signals arriving from the south-west of southwests from the northeast. The error cost the life of pilots: apparently, in vain proiskav land to the west and having exhausted all the fuel they sat down at the water and sank, while they themselves were looking to the east tchetno … In 1987, there Owned by offshore bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and was found by one of the  Evenzherov construction of the forties! (Pravda 03.02.1987). It is not excluded that the remaining 4 also somewhere nearby. It remains to ask: How does the aircraft was invisible to all move to seven hundred kilometers to the west? Cases, if not instantaneous, the ultrafast movements of aircraft were already known to historians of aviation.

During World War II Soviet bomber, who was returning from a mission, overshot the airfield in the suburbs more than a thousand miles away, and sat down in the Urals … In 1934, Victor GUDDARD flew over Scotland in general, it is unclear where, unknown to the airfield close to that in a flash disappeared from view … These and many other such cases have in common is that flights are super-fast always in strange clouds (white mist, a strange mist, sparkling mist). It was rewarded with such terms witnesses and other strange phenomenon in which there is a rapid movement through time, for example, walk half an hour in the white fog of strange on the island Barsakelmes travelers returning a day later. And then in the Bermuda Triangle white mist not a rare visitor.

After meeting with him once disappeared from radar screens approaching the Miami airliner .. and when 10 minutes later reappeared, all available on-board clock to those behind-the same minute. In flight, none of the passengers did not notice anything unusual; neisklyucheno that is so invisible to the eye will be a sudden increase in speed because of the tricks in time. While there, in addition, if uncounted notorious fog and post-flight checking of chronometers, pilots must observe the dance arrows on some devices and even shortages of radio (talk-then we have the land, a place where the usual course of time does not coincide with the anomalous heavenly) . Remember, just after the mention of the pilots, Avenger about a strange fog appeared and once out of order five compass, radio communications with them had disappeared and later recovered only occasionally. These anomalous areas occur more rarely, and because the course of physical time has some influence all the driving around the circumference of the body.

 This effect, as the experiments of Professor Nikolai Kozyrev, a very small scale can be achieved even with tiny wheels. What can we say about the area of Bermuda in the Atlantic, where the powerful Gulf Stream eddies in the water spins hundreds of kilometers in diameter! (This is similar formations are sometimes visible on the surface of the ocean in the form of white or faint circles and the wheels). Twisted vortices – change time – should be changed and gravity. In the center of the vortex (where American satellites recorded the water level at 25-30 feet below normal) gravity high, on the edge – low. Not misrepresented, whether the cause of many accidents of ships that cargo in the hold of a sudden increase your weight? When a non-uniform loading and excess margin of safety is almost inevitable housing crash! For completeness, the tragic picture of this must be added and the unreliability of radio communications in such places … Of course, after the first reports of Bermuda tricks with the press began to appear Vremenemv new chilling, but not always pravivye, details … Not so long ago, an American weekly magazine News told about the amazing incident with a U.S. submarine, navigating in the triangle on 200 feet (70 meters).

Once the sailors heard a strange noise behind and feel the vibration, which lasted about a minute. Following this it was noted that people in a team supposedly very quickly aged. After surfacing from satellite navigation system at all clear that the submarine is in … the Indian Ocean in 300-miles off the east coast of Africa, and 10 thousand miles from Bermuda! Why not repeat the movement of technical devices, not just in the air and in water? It is true that the conclusions in the story until it is too early: the U.S. Navy, as before, in such cases does not confirm nor refute this information. But some conclusions can be drawn in the disappearance of 5 aircraft. Most likely, in the skies over the Bermuda Triangle is a link encountered nomadic transient anomalous zone in which they have refused to go haywire and instruments radio. Then the aircraft while in the strange fog, a very high rate moved in the Gulf of Mexico, where the pilots and was surprised to learn the local ridge islands … Let’s see, which means with great speed. So, after half an hour after take-off aircraft fall into a strange mist in which they denied all appliances, including watches. At 16.45 airplanes out of the clouds and restore the orientation (of the reports heard that they already trust compass).

By aerodrome ground elapsed hours 2.5 hours of flight, and fuel was still 3:00. How much time passed by airborne hours (the failed) – hard to say. It is unlikely that this question could be answered correctly and the pilots, in extreme cases, the perception of time is very different from the usual. Only one mechanism can give us the answer – the engines of aircraft, they only continue to operate normally in the anomalous zone! So, 17.22 Taylor declared: When someone left 10 halons (38 liters of fuel), then we splashed! Judging by the phrase, fuel and actually coming to an end. Apparently, the aircraft was soon splashed down because in 18.2 on the ground heard the phrase: … At any moment can drown … So, the fuel in the torpedo ended between 17.22 and 18.02, whereas it should suffice to 19.40, and with emergency reserve account – up to 19.50. This dramatic difference can be explained only by one thing: burning engines goryuchku at 2:00 more than previously thought!

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