A village – castle and cheese

31 Oct

castleRocamadour got its name after a local saint hermit selivshegosya on the rocks. Rocamadour means “loving the rock.” Holy Amadur was canonized, and in the XII century it was found that it might – the miraculous. Therefore, the most famous pilgrims often visited Rocamadour – kings, bishops and nobles. They say that every time the power of a miracle, in the chapel of the castle bell tolls.
Yes, as if not to forget about the castle. Rocamadour – Mighty quite old knight’s castle. But he was not lucky – so many attractions in a small, just a couple of streets, the village that the castle as such, do not get nearly the attention. But there is something to be proud Rocamadour – according to legend, it’s here somewhere stored Dyurandal – the same sword of King Arthur.
The settlement offer hole-in-the-wall gift for everyone thumbnails magic sword. But even more famous castle is not in itself, and not Dyurandalem and huge marches in the 14 stairs leading to it. This large staircase full of religious meaning: its 14 sites represent 14 stops Jesus Christ on the road to Calvary. At the top of a cross. Climb the stairs to this sacred castle and the chapel – a special ritual for believers. Those who are not experiencing the religious feelings will be rewarded in another way: a view from the castle walls of the valley and Rocamadour Rocamadour-town – great. Competes with the lock Rocamadour and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Puy – he is famous for its miraculous icon of Black Madonna. This should be added that in Rocamadour goat cheese make a delicious, which is also called – Rocamadour., That there is Monkey Forest and Butterfly Garden, which you can visit the Museum of railway equipment and an exhibition of Organic Art. This is not a complete list of local wonders and fun, but enough to make sure: the concentration of attractions in Rocamadour outstanding. Not to mention the scenic beauty of the mountains from growing into her houses. In one of the chapels instead of the wall – a rock, so intermingled in Rocamadour architecture and nature. Rocamadour is able to draw any traveler in their faith – to make the “in love with a rock.

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