A village – castle and cheese

castleRocamadour got its name after a local saint hermit selivshegosya on the rocks. Rocamadour means “loving the rock.” Holy Amadur was canonized, and in the XII century it was found that it might – the miraculous. Therefore, the most famous pilgrims often visited Rocamadour – kings, bishops and nobles. They say that every time the power of a miracle, in the chapel of the castle bell tolls.
Yes, as if not to forget about the castle. Continue reading “A village – castle and cheese”

Historical-Solar oven

ovenSolar oven – this building, designed for catching the sun’s rays and create heat. The entire building is completely covered with curved mirrors. And shine so that you can not look at him sometimes. To date, solar oven, built in 1970 in the Eastern Pyrenees – the largest in the world.

An array of mirrors acts as a parabolic reflector. Light is focused at a single center. And temperatures there can reach 3500 degrees Celsius. At such temperatures can melt steel. But the temperature can be adjusted by setting the mirror at different angles. For example, a temperature of about 1400 degrees is used to produce hydrogen. Continue reading “Historical-Solar oven”

Bermuda Triangle: The time is visible

Bermuda A place that traditionally is the most horrible, most horrible place the world. … It disappeared without a trace many ships and planes – most of them after 45 years. Here in the last 26 years have killed more than a thousand people. However, if you search failed to find any wreckage or corpses …

With these words begins the description of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in Charles Berlitz American writer, now that phrase quoted with pleasure as opponents and supporters of the hypothesis of the existence between Florida, Cuba and Bermuda some strange mysterious place, in other words – the anomalous zone. Continue reading “Bermuda Triangle: The time is visible”

Moscow’s vaults are found mutants.

The underground environment is not similar to that on the surface. But there is also inhabited by living creatures. According to the researchers and the Moscow Diggers, the effects of specific chemical substances, electromagnetic fields and radiation emission leads to the physiological abnormalities. So there are animals, mutants, terrifying the people. Thus, in the sewage Moscow has long appeared and is constantly developing new life generated by the irrational, or simply criminal activity of people. This fish, small animals and insects that have been modified under the influence of the chemical “soup” that was created with a mixture of sewage and industrial research laboratories. Here is the story of the Moscow Diggers leader Vadim Mikhailov: In the dry side branch sat a strange creature, and something unpleasant crunch. Continue reading “Moscow’s vaults are found mutants.”

Leaning Tower of Pisa no longer fall

PisaThe famous Leaning Tower of Pisa that (Italy), which has for eight hundred years, constantly leaning closer and closer to Mother Earth, all sorts of outside threats. And finally, thanks to the efforts of multiple pundits tower ceased to fall … As it became known, the work to stabilize one of the most famous buildings in the world inclined lasted more than ten years. Even in the late 12th century, when the tower was built, people noted that it begins to lean to one side. They tried to compensate for actual bias, resulting in a tower was built a few crooked. One of the technical requirements of modern scientists, who conducted the study to save the tower, was selected almost 750 tons of soil from the northern part of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so she tried to balance its own weight. Continue reading “Leaning Tower of Pisa no longer fall”

Scientists were able to see the appearance of a comet

cometThe distant star systems at the time of their inception. The study of protoplanetary disks at different stages of evolution has confirmed speculation about our own past. In one system, the scientists saw steam and “ocean” of ice crystals, precursors of comets and the other spotted comet bombardment that goes right now. Unsweetened have a hypothetical planets, the star That Raven (Eta Corvi), located less than 60 light-years from the Sun. Spitzer telescope registered a powerful drive there from dust located in the habitable zone. The very dust containing water, carbon compounds, rocky material, especially its composition and temperature – all indicate that there is a process that is identical to the late heavy bombardment in our own solar system. Continue reading “Scientists were able to see the appearance of a comet”

Discovered the remains of the ancient dinosaur

dinosaurThe remains were found by scientists from the Bavarian paleontological and geological museum. In Germany, discovered perfectly preserved skeleton of a theropod (carnivorous dinosaur), who died about 135 million years ago. Amazing find is that the skeleton is preserved in 98% of which have never before encountered, reports smione. It can be seen even fossils of the skin and protoperev. The most digestible remains that are found to the wound, were filled with only 80% owned. About the skeleton discovered there is already some interesting speculation and conjecture. For example, a British scientist discovered the Nation Darren on official photographs, that this theropod shorter legs and a long tail Bole than drugnih representatives of the species. Continue reading “Discovered the remains of the ancient dinosaur”

The British phantom black dog is before her death

dogThe black dog frightens the British, according to experts from the Museum of paranormal phenomena. According to the old legend, he is a man before his death. Ghost demonic dogs first appeared in Newgate in London in the XVI century, and people saw him in the streets on the eve of execution, and at night, when hearings were held. In one ancient manuscript says that in the XII century during the reign of King Henry II, in Newgate thrown a local sorcerer. Conditions of detention of prisoners at the time were so severe that they are suffering from hunger. And some of them were cannibals. Continue reading “The British phantom black dog is before her death”

Raw sewage – a gold mine for Virology

sewageA gold mine for virology, as the results of recent studies, they contain thousands of previously unknown viruses. Microbiologists at the University of Pittsburgh, Washington University in St. Louis and University of Barcelona,looking for new places and ways to open a previously unknown viruses. Approximately 3000 different viruses so far been described, but scientists argue that it is only a small part of the species that exist in our world. In the hunt for new specimens they examined samples of waste water in Africa, Europe and North America.They used a deep systematic methods for the study of viruses with different types of nucleic acids – the single-stranded DNA, double-stranded DNA, RNA, and double-stranded RNA. This method was used before metagenomiki for studying bacteria and viruses, but not with the raw sewage sample. Continue reading “Raw sewage – a gold mine for Virology”

The cat was able to come back to life after two euthanasia

catA black cat, Andrea. An interesting case occurred in West Valley City, Utah. Cat picked up on the street and brought to an animal shelter. Long time no one at the animal did not come, so it was decided to put down – it always does, when to refuse pets or they can not find a new home. Andrea has been sent to the gas chamber with other animals. Surprisingly, the procedure had no effect on the cat – and they decided to put to sleep again. The body is “dead” Andrea put in a bag and sent to the cooling chamber. What a surprise it was a worker who was convinced that the cat is dead, when after 45 minutes in the refrigerator came a meow!According to staff the shelter when he heard these sounds, they opened the refrigerator, opened the package and saw a living, Andrea, frightened and with bulging eyes – but all living things alive. Continue reading “The cat was able to come back to life after two euthanasia”