The rain machine of unprecedented power

machinePeople tried to bring rain to save crops from burning under the scorching sun and water the desert … And, most recently by Swiss scientists after 10 years of fruitful work and endless testing could create a rain machine awesome power. In the summer of this, twenty-two units similar lamps Chizhevskogo that are similar to the giant lanterns at a huge column, were hoisted everywhere around the town of Al Ain, which is located in the middle of a huge desert. Throughout the summer, they included seventy-five time, and fifty-three cases, then in this part of the desert fell heavy rains that accompanied by lightning and gusty winds gusts. Awesome experiment, we can say with certainty was a success. These machines are designed for human benefit, but nothing can never replace the magic sounds of nature .. stress, tension and noise on a daily basis we have taken away a lot of strength.
A series of “magic nature sounds to listen to online , “can help us to relax by listening to these delightful, natural and soothing voice and the music that was written specifically for this series, can help us regain the vital energy and mental status and even physical stability …
How is it that rain miracle machines can cause precipitation? The thing is that these kiberdozhdevikami released into the atmosphere a large number of active ions, or electrically charged particles. These particles are combined with grains of dust, the great mass of which is hovering in the airspace of the Arabian desert. Then, a cloud of ionized active dust rises to the top with heated air flows from the hot surface to great heights, where the active ions attract water particles that are contained in the atmosphere. This is followed by that that the dust clouds that have pumped in her waters, is actively converted into storm clouds that immediately after the rain watered the land.
As a result, immediately after the rains, the desert briefly covered by a network of fast-growing streams of rainwater. According to the views of pundits, this water is quite possible to collect, purify and use for their intended purpose at all at the same time the technology is many times more economical than the systems for water desalination. Moreover, the extracted water may send on the field or to gain resources in special reservoirs.

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