The Moon and Mars in the night sky or mysticism in reality!

05 Sep

moonMoon and Mars still closer to the Earth at night, around 01:00, many of us were able to observe the phenomenon. Doctors advised not to look long on this show, because you can almost lose sight. So look at the photo – it is absolutely harmless, but informative.
If you stock up on binoculars or a telescope you can observe the planet’s surface. Using even the best telescope will be possible to see the “snow cap” on the surface of the planet, say astronomers.
Earth and Mars, “meet” every 26 months, following in their orbits around the Sun. Because the planet orbits a little irregular, the minimum distance between them varies from 56 to 101 million km. However, the world will come together August 27 to 3.2 million miles closer than it happened in 1988.
Many astronomers believe that must take the opportunity to observe the planet: “The next time Mars will approach Earth so close no earlier than August 29, 2287.”

Next week, astronomers are going to send a radio signal from Mars to Earth to study the surface, which over time will be down to earth one of the two Mars rovers NASA. The convergence of the planets will help to have the signal quality, according to scientists. And to get another photo of the planet is supposed to use the telescope Hubble.

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