The asteroid is not to blame for the death of the dinosaurs

The death of the dinosaurs off the hook. His alibi proved to NASA. The experts presented evidence that the family of asteroids, often accused of global catastrophes associated with the extinction of species will probably not bear any responsibility.
Although scientists still believe that about 65 million years ago, Earth has fallen a great meteorite, which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, this widespread theory now seems to have excluded.
Since 2007, it was widely believed that a giant asteroid crashed into another Baptistina asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This happened about 160 million years ago. Destroyed parts of the celestial bodies were scattered in different directions, like great mountains. One of these many millions of years later, fell to Earth.
However, the “results of the study the research group WISE speak in favor of another hypothesis: the extinction of dinosaurs yet linked to global cooling,” – said Lindley Johnson, program manager for the observations closest to Earth objects (NEO).

WISE – an abbreviation for NASA, which means the program, “Infrared studies in a wide range.” It is aimed at determining the age of various objects in outer space. Results from one of these studies pose new questions about the timing of the collision Baptistiny.
Scientists have determined that the asteroid Baptistina actually broke up about 80 million years ago, so much later than originally anticipated. This means that its fragments was 15 million years then to fall to Earth and cause the extinction of dinosaurs.
“But the fragments were simply not enough time to fall to Earth 65 million years ago” – said Amy Meynzer, co-author of this paper and the principal investigator NEOWISE. – This process is believed to be generally takes tens of millions of years. ”
A team of U.S. scientists is hoping to use the new data to classify different families of asteroids and tracing their history.
And in the mysterious disappearance of the dinosaurs will have to find a new suspect.

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