Scientists discovered the mysterious stone structures in the Middle East

StoneMysterious giant stone structures have been discovered by archaeologists in the Middle East. From Syria to Saudi Arabia are thousands geoglyphs with symbols similar to the famous Nazca drawings in the desert in Peru. But to see them and assess the extent possible only from above, from the air.
Geoglyphs were first discovered by satellite mapping technology in Jordan. David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia, says that only one in Jordan, there are more than the whole valley of Nazca. Scholar argues that the geoglyphs at least 2 thousand years.
Stone structures have the same design in a circle with spokes. By their appearance they gave the name of the “wheel”. The circles have a diameter of 24 to 70 m. However, the fine detail of groups differ markedly.

“Wheels” have a diamond-shaped design, the small stone pyramid and randomly located low wall. Some buildings stand alone, others in groups. In Saudi Arabia the scientists met with pentagonal design and the “wheel” of the two “spokes”.

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