Psychology of spirituality in family relationships

18 Sep

PsychologyStrange thing – love a few happy years of married life, in particular. If a child is born and nobody to help, and in financial terms where thin, there is broken. And always….
Initially we are looking for a soul mate. We are trying to place an ad in the newspapers and major Internet portals. I especially love – he rescued me in almost all cases. Quickly and accurately. Excellent project literate.
But now I’m a little bit of something else … I try to give some advice in a seasoned worldly and family affairs and problems of humanity.
Spiritual Family Psychology, more often, soon will replace the ordinary prosaic psychology of family relations. A lot of useful information are the people who we call, bioenergetics, clairvoyants and others on this topic.
What is the main reason? Namely, that today not only every single person, as a particle of light, on a strict account, but every married couple, too.

Have you noticed that people who are passionate, as it were lit from the inside, their heart is open throughout the universe, they work wonders with great joy and only for the good? And it looks. that at this point the entire universe to help them stay on the right road, to be deliriously happy with each other, to be loved and, of course, loving. It is only complying with these conditions are not in love will suffer and blame everything around in a variety of own misfortune, and will continue to radiate light, joy to our unique world.
And let these my words will not seem merely “beautiful” and empty, and for those people who read this my thoughts with an open heart.

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