In the constellation Vela found a Second Earth

earthThe sensational discovery announced participant’s conference in Wyoming. Assumption that the Earth – not the only inhabited planet in the universe is becoming more and more confirmation. Astronomers have discovered outside our solar system, 50 new planets, one of which appears to be located in an area suitable for life. While the planet is only a symbol HD85512b, the name for it yet invented. On the sensational discovery announced on Monday the scientific conference participants in the U.S. city of Moran, Wyoming?
True, scientists warned that the atmosphere on Earth-like planets similar to a Russian bathhouse with an abundance of hot vapor – temperature of the planet can vary from 26.5 to 44 degrees Celsius with humidity huge.

“There is really stuffy, just imagine the sultriest day. And we do not want to say that we would be comfortable there,” – said a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. In this case, HD85512b 3.6 times greater than Earth, and attraction to it is 1.4 lower than on our planet. All this gives scientists reason to believe that, if discovered and inhabited the planet, then who inhabit it are being obvious differences from men – for example, they are exactly shorter than earthlings.
HD85512b revolves around its sun, which is located in the constellation Vela at a distance of 35 light years from Earth. Year there lasts just 60 days since the planet’s orbit is close to the local sun, the temperature of which, moreover, at 1800 degrees cooler than our sun.
Note that in late July, astronomers from the California Institute of Technology found that the solar system, 55 Cnc is a planet, the conditions on which are suitable for the formation of liquid water and found it potentially habitable. So just open HD85512b planet became the second, where presumably there is life.

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