In the Caucasus, found a mysterious cave with swastikas

28 Sep

Cave of unknown origin, which the Nazis sought, found in the Kabardino-Balkaria. Near the village of Baksan Zayukovo region of Kabardino-Balkaria discovered the mysterious cave glubninoy 80 meters with multiple transitions. Scientists theorize that the cave has an artificial origin. Man-made stones and otshlifovanye issue remains a solution that connects them. Historians Mary and Victor Kotlyarova drew attention to the carved in stone the Nazi swastika, although the division “Edelweiss” and did not reach these places.

“We know that during the war in Kabardino-Balkaria visited collaborated with the SS mysterious organization” Ahnenerbe “(” Ancestral Heritage “). In a secret project she did Hitler’s search for the Holy Grail, supposedly left behind in one of the Caucasus mountain caves” – told Victor Kotlyarov
Found the cave on your device has no known counterparts, experts say. Mine ends in 35-foot room with carefully polished arches, which is well ventilated.
According to Kotlyarov, facing the mountain mine – these are two solid stone slabs set in parallel with the sides, neatly laid down by small stones. Its dimensions are 134 by 43 cm – not everyone will be able to squeeze through. Next – the ledge and the other a square shaft has a greater length, 16 meters. Two more move – and 10-foot shaft, ending in a huge 36 meters long hall. One of its walls lined with stone blocks.
“In between here and there, visible seams, but somewhere plates with little or no gap, it seems that they spilled over into one another,” – said the expert. He said that not only sanded the wall, but a set that looks like a huge overhanging parabola. Fresh air says that the mine has continued.
Found mine ventilation researchers believe. Kotlyarov said that geologists, including foreign ones, are inclined to its artificial origin – because of the rectangular blocks, the presence of mortar in the joints between them, the absence of oblique cracks typical of tuff.
“In this case, thousands of years ago during construction of the wonders of the unknown we used processing technology, delivery and installation of stone blocks,” – said Kotlyar. The researchers intend to further explore this finding and hope that the construction of resorts in the region to raise interest in the discovery of both scientists and tourists.

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