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06 Sep

Australia – this is the only country that occupies an entire continent and, concurrently, – Continent. And almost all the territory of Australia – this is desert and semi desert islands with relatively dry forest thickets and woodlands. This country – continent washed by the waters of two oceans – the Indian and Pacific from west to east, is located in the two hemispheres – North and East. Only in Australia are found animals that have changed little since prehistoric times, and the only mammals that carry the egg – the echidna and platypus. Only in Australia is found saltwater crocodile, which reaches a length of 8 feet and calmly floating in the open ocean. And the other and other …
So the reason to find a tour of Kazan and other city for a trip to this wonderful and mysterious continent is more than enough.
The hottest time of year (though the mainland, located in both hemispheres, it’s pretty funny expression) – winter, from November to January. Indian Ocean Bole fry than the Pacific, but the most popular and populated area is located on the Indian Ocean. The best-known travel companies can offer Kazan and travel to the island of Tasmania – the most “cold” part of the Australian continent, where the climate is milder than on the mainland.
The most “hot” time, the peak season for travel to Australia, where the activity of Kazan travel agency turns in “hot” – May – late August and early September, when the continent in the middle of winter and the temperature is the most that neither is friendly and gentle .
However, educational tour of Kazan in Australia can continue throughout the year – and there because there is much to see and discover for yourself again!
So, what can be seen except on the nature of this vast island?
In the first place – the Sydney Festival, which takes place during the peak holiday season – in January. Colorful and large-scale street demonstrations may well compete with the Brazilian national festivals, but, unlike them, in Australia at this time are enchanting and public shows with the participation of military and public cultural institutions – the shooting of guns, and massive stage shows and other events in honor of arrival on the mainland of the first settlers.
In February, in Sydney, is the world’s largest festival of sexual Mardi Grass, which brings together not only those same minorities (and other festival would be due to the small number was not), but many tourists are quite common orientations.
At the end of January in Melbourne held a traditional tennis tournament (Australian Open), and in February – March – Race Formula-1. Therefore, youth tours of Kazan at the time all previous attendance records.
Paint all the charm of this wonderful continent, continent and country at the same time is impossible. You just need to visit and all feel, see and experience for yourself, and then experience enough for two. Or even three. Without any exaggeration.

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