Ancient Civilizations-Mayan Palace is found in southern Mexico

08 Sep

MayanThe new palace of the Maya Empire found in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, the archaeologists of this country.
As representatives of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, an ancient city in whose territory the palace, was created about 2000 years ago.
Detected Palace Mayan archeologists assigned the name “Plan de Ayutla.” They pointed out that the discovered archaeological site burial, age is related to years of 900-1000 AD. Public access to the new historical center expected to open next year.

According to the Mexican archaeologist Luis Martos, the palace was created in about 50 BC. He suggested that the open city played the role of the “political center”, which were created under the influence of other mega-cities of the ancient people.
Scientists believe that a new archaeological find will allow them to expand the knowledge of the ancient population of the territory of modern Mexico. In the area of ​​the Palace Mayan scientists found three areas that correspond to the faith of an ancient people worshiped heaven and earth and the underworld

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