A trip to Denmark

The world offer you acquainted with the country, which is rightly called the “pearl of Europe”. You understood correctly. We are talking about Denmark. This is a small country Scandinavian group, without taking into account the area of ​​Greenland, which is the true symbol of natural beauty and purity. Sometimes one gets the impression that Denmark is some kind of not true. It seems strange that a country can be so green, clean, shining roofs of new houses, charming with its unusual elegance.
Search Tour from Tula, brings you into the country, located on the shores of the Baltic and North Sea. Denmark is obliged by its name the German race, who lived on the present territory of the country many centuries ago. The population of Denmark is about 5.8 million people. Astonishing longevity. Men on average live 76 years, women – 81 years old. By the way, the number of the latter are not much, but still prevails. Most of the Danish population considers itself the Church of Denmark. This represents approximately 85% of the total population.

It is not necessary to remind once again that Denmark has a rich history. Tours of Tula in Russia will not be able to acquaint you with a great base of the Vikings, the proud and brave soldiers and sailors, conquering new lands and forced their enemies to tremble with fear. But the conquest of Denmark for a long time passed. Over the years it has evolved into a land which is now – the economic and social state, which takes an active part in the development of Europe.
The climate in Denmark moderate sea. Winters are not very cold because of the favorable influence of the warm Gulf Stream. The most opportune time for a guided tour to Denmark – it’s summer, and more specifically – July and August.
Review of Travel Agents Tula help you navigate and select the desired company, capable of organizing a quality journey to the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen. This city was founded in the 12th century. Want to have a good time to buy colorful memories and photos? Then you need to be sent straight to Copenhagen. You are waiting for the island Slotsholmen, Inder Bru, lock Kristinasborg, as well as the largest city square Kongens-Nitorv, Town Hall Hall of Mysteries, a museum of erotica, the museum of World Records, the Tivoli amusement park and much more. The list goes on for a long time. Entertainment will abound here, not to mention the discovery for connoisseurs of art – many art and historical museums.
Prices of tour agencies and a variety of Tula is directly dependent on your needs. Should not expect that there will at very low cost buy only tour stop, whom without a doubt a trip to Denmark. Select an appropriate travel agency and leave the country Vikings, the Little Mermaid and good mood

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