Age of dinosaurs

German specialists found almost entirely ichthyosaur skeleton, which is probably 175 million years (middle Jurassic). It is a sensation, as ichthyosaur, found near Brandenburg, may be much younger than previous finds of dinosaurs.
“It’s a sensation! – He exclaims. – This is the fifth instance of the ichthyosaur was found over the past century in northern Germany. Maybe the younger skeleton – in which case it will be even more sensational. “Paleontologists have been surprised by the fact that the four-meter skeleton of ichthyosaur was only two feet above the ground.
Must pass at least a week, so fossils can be safely preserved for study in the laboratory. Prior to the final result will be more than one month. You will need to try to determine the sex, age, and the species of this reptile. Because ichthyosaurs were very diverse and thriving group of Mesozoic marine reptiles. However, they still know very very little.
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The rain machine of unprecedented power

machinePeople tried to bring rain to save crops from burning under the scorching sun and water the desert … And, most recently by Swiss scientists after 10 years of fruitful work and endless testing could create a rain machine awesome power. In the summer of this, twenty-two units similar lamps Chizhevskogo that are similar to the giant lanterns at a huge column, were hoisted everywhere around the town of Al Ain, which is located in the middle of a huge desert. Throughout the summer, they included seventy-five time, and fifty-three cases, then in this part of the desert fell heavy rains that accompanied by lightning and gusty winds gusts. Awesome experiment, we can say with certainty was a success. These machines are designed for human benefit, but nothing can never replace the magic sounds of nature .. stress, tension and noise on a daily basis we have taken away a lot of strength.
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In the Caucasus, found a mysterious cave with swastikas

Cave of unknown origin, which the Nazis sought, found in the Kabardino-Balkaria. Near the village of Baksan Zayukovo region of Kabardino-Balkaria discovered the mysterious cave glubninoy 80 meters with multiple transitions. Scientists theorize that the cave has an artificial origin. Man-made stones and otshlifovanye issue remains a solution that connects them. Historians Mary and Victor Kotlyarova drew attention to the carved in stone the Nazi swastika, although the division “Edelweiss” and did not reach these places. Continue reading “In the Caucasus, found a mysterious cave with swastikas”

The asteroid is not to blame for the death of the dinosaurs

The death of the dinosaurs off the hook. His alibi proved to NASA. The experts presented evidence that the family of asteroids, often accused of global catastrophes associated with the extinction of species will probably not bear any responsibility.
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Scientists discovered the mysterious stone structures in the Middle East

StoneMysterious giant stone structures have been discovered by archaeologists in the Middle East. From Syria to Saudi Arabia are thousands geoglyphs with symbols similar to the famous Nazca drawings in the desert in Peru. But to see them and assess the extent possible only from above, from the air.
Geoglyphs were first discovered by satellite mapping technology in Jordan. David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia, says that only one in Jordan, there are more than the whole valley of Nazca. Scholar argues that the geoglyphs at least 2 thousand years. Continue reading “Scientists discovered the mysterious stone structures in the Middle East”

A trip to Denmark

The world offer you acquainted with the country, which is rightly called the “pearl of Europe”. You understood correctly. We are talking about Denmark. This is a small country Scandinavian group, without taking into account the area of ​​Greenland, which is the true symbol of natural beauty and purity. Sometimes one gets the impression that Denmark is some kind of not true. It seems strange that a country can be so green, clean, shining roofs of new houses, charming with its unusual elegance. Continue reading “A trip to Denmark”

In The Morocco, found the ancient city of underground animals

ancientAbove 240 million years ago, unknown creatures dug up an entire underground city in Morocco.This is the oldest example of such a structure at low latitudes. Globally, the leader of South Africa are burrows constructed by 5 million years earlier. Perhaps the authors of both structures were similar establishment. “Imagine a sturdy four-legged animal with a rather short body, small tail and short neck – said study author Sebastian Voigt of the Geological Institute of Technology, University of Freiberg (Germany). – The length of the trunk was about 20-25 cm We have to admit that the beast had a five-strong fingers with claws adapted for use in moderately soft ground. Continue reading “In The Morocco, found the ancient city of underground animals”

Baltika will warm by 2-4 degrees

Increase in sea levels and intensified wind erosion have led to 15% of European coasts. As the ice melts in the European seas unpredictable changes occur as the water temperature increases and begins the migration of marine animals, the report says the Center for Climate Change and the ecosystem of the seas of Europe (CLAMER). We predict that by the end of the XXI century, the average water temperature in the Baltic Sea will increase by 2-4 degrees Celsius warmer in the North Sea 1.7 degrees and the water in the Bay of Biscay add 1.5 degrees,” – said project leader Carlo Heyp. Continue reading “Baltika will warm by 2-4 degrees”

In the constellation Vela found a Second Earth

earthThe sensational discovery announced participant’s conference in Wyoming. Assumption that the Earth – not the only inhabited planet in the universe is becoming more and more confirmation. Astronomers have discovered outside our solar system, 50 new planets, one of which appears to be located in an area suitable for life. While the planet is only a symbol HD85512b, the name for it yet invented. On the sensational discovery announced on Monday the scientific conference participants in the U.S. city of Moran, Wyoming?
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Psychology of spirituality in family relationships

PsychologyStrange thing – love a few happy years of married life, in particular. If a child is born and nobody to help, and in financial terms where thin, there is broken. And always….
Initially we are looking for a soul mate. We are trying to place an ad in the newspapers and major Internet portals. I especially love – he rescued me in almost all cases. Quickly and accurately. Excellent project literate.
But now I’m a little bit of something else … I try to give some advice in a seasoned worldly and family affairs and problems of humanity.
Spiritual Family Psychology, more often, soon will replace the ordinary prosaic psychology of family relations. A lot of useful information are the people who we call, bioenergetics, clairvoyants and others on this topic.
What is the main reason? Namely, that today not only every single person, as a particle of light, on a strict account, but every married couple, too. Continue reading “Psychology of spirituality in family relationships”