The symbols of Queensland

skyscraperTower – ultra-high skyscraper was opened in 2005. And almost immediately recognized as one of the symbols of Queensland. Immediately grabbing the area went on. Japanese restaurant managed to get a spot just over 9 million Australian dollars. This is the biggest real estate deal in the history of Queensland. Q1 has been designed by Atelier SDG. Its shape was inspired by the Olympic flame in Sydney 2000 and Sydney Opera House . And the building came out extravaganza. In 2005, the tower won the silver medal award “Emporis”, which is awarded for the best skyscraper of the year. The building is supported by 26 piles that go into the ground at a depth of 40 meters and 4 meters go into solid rock. The observation deck, which can accommodate 400 people, located between 77 and 78 floor. During the New Year Q1 is used as a launching pad for fireworks. Among the students, too, there was a tradition to celebrate their festivals in Q1, although owners of offices and are dissatisfied with their stay.

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