The island Ball Pyramid

PyramidThis is the highest volcanic rock in the world. The area of ​​its base – only 200 square meters. meters. But the altitude – 562 meters. Ball Pyramid lies between Australia and New Zealand, but tourists do not spoil the attention this landmark high-rise Pacific. There’s just no place to build hotels, no beach. Even the conquest of the peak in 1982 prohibits local authorities. Prior to the ban still several successful ascents of the climbers managed to make. But since 1986, not only the ascent – limited even just visiting the cliff. The only exception was the expedition of scientists who have studied the local fauna and flora. Yes, the stones of the Pyramids Boles is not lifeless, as it might at first seem.
Dripping moisture between the stones provides power to small shrubs. And those, in turn, otmiraya create blockages sushnyaka. It is in this that sushnyake biologists had expected the biggest surprise – they found a small population of the insect Dryococelus australis – a giant stick insects. But it was thought that he was dead. A couple of stick insects were sent to the zoo – to reproduce. Even the rocks of the island without interest. Cliff – of volcanic origin, and it is believed that his submarine base – Tasmanian continent, an enormous recessed plateau, whose apex – New Zealand and all the islands in the region

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