The famous limestone caves in Dzhenolane.

cavesThe Caves are located in the Blue Mountains on the eastern crest of the mountain chain that serves as the watershed between the rivers of Fish and Cox. The caves are very extensive, and its fantastic beauty can face off with the enchanting Arabian Nights fabrications about the cave of Ali Baba. The caves were discovered in 1841 by a fugitive convict who was hiding them from pursuing its mounted policemen. Convict police got out of the ground – and told the world about what is happening underground. However, in a quarter century, these caves have been discovered, though, did not cause no one interest. But it soon turned up an enthusiast – Jeremy Wilson, who was so excited by the beauty concealed underground caves that they lived in caves and lived 35 years, devoting himself entirely Research this miracle of nature. The fame of the beauty of the underworld quickly spread across the continent, and soon the caves flooded crowd of curious. Nothing good came of it: some of them were lost in the tangled maze of dark, others began to break out of the walls and carry on the memory of your favorite stones.
Pretty soon it became clear that unless we take urgent action, the beauty of the caves there is nothing left. In 1866 Dzhenolanskie caves were declared public value and allocated money to study them. It turned out that the caves created by two large rivers – Fish and Cox. They dug in the limestone deposits of the many underground pipes, and so did this mysterious and vast underground world. The caves extend underground for miles, and among them is the light and dark. Light three: Great Arch, Arch and Devil’s Carlotta coach house. This is a huge hall, where through the gaps and holes in the rocks penetrates the sun, all the bewitching play of light and shadow. Big Arch and Devil’s coach-house stretch across the mountain limestone, attaining a depth of 150 meters, and with both ends open to daylight. Inside the Grand Arch have the moves in other, less grandiose cave. Devil’s coach-house resembles a dragon fairy dwelling. This is a huge hall height of 100 meters, where the indescribable mess scattered blocks of limestone. In the heights of its two big break through into the cave that burst of light poles. Numerous passages in the walls of the cave, located at different heights, leading to other caves and grottoes, housed in a few floors. Dark is the cave is a natural cavities in limestone, which never penetrated the light of day. The most famous of them – the vaulted, River, the Imperial. All of them are quite intricate network of underground rooms with walls of unusual brightness. Cavers managed to explore a lot of underground tunnels that diverge in different directions, but how far Dzhenolanskie caves, nobody knows. Suggest that they extend deep into the rock for more than two hundred kilometers. Those who dare venture to make separate trips, tour guides warn about the dangers of getting lost and always talk about the cave of the skeleton, which is a hundred years lie the bones of hapless traveler, and for failing to find a way out of the caves

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