The desert – Nullarbor

There are no settlements, no water, even the road there is only one. Nallabor not even the desert – sand, it does not have too. This is the way to the surface of limestone, the largest on the planet, an area of ​​200 000 km ². At its widest point, length of the desert more than 1,100 kilometers. The first European to cross the Nullarbor, was the English explorer Edward John Eyre. He gave the name of this plain from the Latin nullus arbor – no trees. Here is how the researcher spoke of the plain “horrible anomaly, a spot on the face of nature, just such a place can dream in a bad dream.” And no wonder – the conquest of Nullarbor was extremely difficult for him. From the first time it does not – robbed the nomads, the expedition returned. After all, supply of food and water had to bear with me – plain entirely barren and waterless.
The second attempt, in 1841godu, Eyre defeated plain, but at the cost of terrible – his companion, John Baxter Europeans killed insurgent Aboriginal guides. He himself had miraculously survived – walked across the plain, Eyre went to the Indian Ocean, and stood there for a French ship anchored replenish its reserves. Valiant Air Adventure has a consequence. He has shown – can cross the Nullarbor terrible. After that, think about how to spend the telegraph across the plain. Now it crosses the road – named after the pioneering Eyre Highway. This road is known for her is straight stretch of 146 kilometers – one of the longest in the world. Along the road are often put original characters – reminding drivers that there is danger of falling asleep at the wheel. Generally on Eyre Highway many warning signs – about the dangers of lack of food and water on the plain, the possibility of collision with an animal. It is, as before, the ugly and dangerous. Along the route there are only a few small shops where, next to be removed for the night room. But it seems like civilization has touched these places is minimal, except, of course, cars are constantly becoming victims of the animals, running out onto the road. Yes, oddly enough, the animals still inhabit the Nullarbor – kangaroos, bulls, rabbits. They feed on the leaves very small shrubs, which in some places covered plain. Of animals in some areas have built a long fence along the highway, but to protect it all – an impossible task

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