Sad Migrants

17 Aug

 MigrantsMigrants are not guilty of anything. We can not blame a telegraph pole in an accident. You can not blame any and all ills sad migrants. Blame that on our street did not hear the Russian language, that in a class where your child is learning kids do not understand the Russian language, and that your little market not far from home have no relatives and beloved persons. Your fellow countrymen in this not guilty. Guilty by Russian police, who continue the illegal opium den kryshevat.
To blame if our neighbors who rent out their apartments strange and terrible people, in pursuit of big money. Blame pograntsy who regularly pass through border illegal workers and close their eyes to their serious problems with the documents for some hundred dollars.
Blame if the heads of municipal services that would eventually take the disenfranchised poor migrants to work and take away a larger share of their salaries. Municipal hospitals to blame for what they do not treat our children and watch through my fingers for pregnant women, even without knowledge of such simple things as the pregnancy calendar , not to mention the birth family medicine and basic …
Why none of you will bring down his righteous anger at them, disgusting types? Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Moldovans simply and efficiently do their work, hard work. Sometimes it is very heavy, very dirty, menial jobs that will never make indigenous people. It is better to donate a smile to your hardworking janitor or a cigarette ugostite working at a nearby construction site.

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