Rainforests – the most extensive area of forest subropicheskie in the world.

rainforestsEarth where so many plants and animals that are almost indistinguishable from primitive ancestors. Once these forests are called simply: Eastern rain forests of Australia. But from 2007 the name was changed to the Gondwana rainforests of Australia in order to better reflect their value. These forests include about fifty Australian forests located in the area from Newcastle to Brisbane. They all contain primitive types of vegetation. They found the oldest species of ferns and conifers. On Gondwana forests can be traced the birth and evolution of flowering plants, which appeared on the planet 100 million years ago. And the impressive concentration of natural exhibits.
All this is preserved by isolation of Australia from the rest of the world. Despite the fact that Gondwana forests occupy only 0.3% in Australia, they contain half of all plants of the continent and about one-third of all mammals and birds. In antiquity, these places are a huge volcano, supplying land soundly soil. He was part of Gondwanaland, Australian forests, and owe their existence. But now this volcano destroyed by erosion, but as if in return – again because of erosion – a tall magnificent waterfalls. So in addition to the Gondwana forests and primitive living creatures have something to admire

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