Funny exotics

A man who recently returned from a trip to Thailand. And in this exotic country, it should be noted, except for Thai massage, there is at least known, but rather a sharp thing under the sonorous name of “Thai food”. But some time before our guy did not know about it. So, has brought them… Read more Funny exotics

Pyramid of Djoser threatens destruction

Mysterious Egypt Step Pyramid of Djoser may be destroyed after stopping the restoration, said, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The works were suspended for a dangerous stage, because the funding stopped. As the head of the Supreme Council for Antiquities Mohammed Abdel Maksoud, after examining a special delegation of authorities of the pyramid, it was decided to urgently… Read more Pyramid of Djoser threatens destruction

Sad Migrants

Migrants are not guilty of anything. We can not blame a telegraph pole in an accident. You can not blame any and all ills sad migrants. Blame that on our street did not hear the Russian language, that in a class where your child is learning kids do not understand the Russian language, and that… Read more Sad Migrants

Heaven and Earth

Greece can rightfully be called one of the countries in which Christianity was conceived, and in particular – Orthodoxy. Here is the Mount Athos – the famous monastery complex, known since ancient times. But here in the mountains of Thessaly in the north, there is one big and unique Orthodox sanctuary – the monastery complex… Read more Heaven and Earth