Maori Piopitahi – Natural attractions

MaoriMaori Piopitahi – fjord in southwest South Island. This is one of the most popular natural attractions in the world. Rudyard Kipling called it the eighth wonder of the world. Europeans Milford Sound is named for the Welsh Milford Haven. Natives of the same name was given in honor Piopitahi Piopi already extinct bird. According to legend, Maui, hero of the mythical Maori, known for his exploits and cunning, trying to get immortality for mankind, but was killed. So that’s it flew through Piopi Milford Sound with black news. Fly Piopi would kilometers 15 – this is the size of Milford Sound, it is surrounded on both sides of cliff height of 1200 meters.
Among the distinguished vertex Elephant (mountain-like head of an elephant) and Leo (the mountain, like a stalking lion.) Milford Sound neighborhood known as a place with high, even for New Zealand rainfall. Precipitation falls there, it happens to two hundred days a year. This is one of the wettest places on the planet. So, the rain Milford Sound in combination with rocks produce interesting effects. When it’s pouring (but there it is – the usual case), the water gushing over rocks flow. And then formed around the temporary waterfalls. Falls during a rainstorm is full and in our cities, but in Milford Sound, they – the real thing. The most impressive cascading from a height of one thousand meters. These rocks almost bare, tropical plants rarely survive there, their roots are poorly kept behind the rocks around Milfod Sound. But on the rocks full of seals and penguins. Dolphins and whales are also frequent visitors to the fjord

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