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20 Aug

A man who recently returned from a trip to Thailand. And in this exotic country, it should be noted, except for Thai massage, there is at least known, but rather a sharp thing under the sonorous name of “Thai food”. But some time before our guy did not know about it. So, has brought them (and he went with an old friend and his adult daughter) in a local restaurant to eat.
At the local dialect, they could say only that something like “tsigel tsigel-ah-lu-lu,” therefore, ordered some dish that is on the assurances of the waiter was a top local chef culinary arts. Then what happens is that it is not possible to read even at my recently discovered draft of humor and can not give us the funniest jokes .
When the “dish” brought to our felt uneasy. The dish was a big juicy green leaf on which a great and thoughtful crawled for at least a juicy worm, leaving a trail of mucus. But do not drop as the national dignity, especially as a “dish” was paid a tidy sum!
In short, our courage and crossed the worm rinky-dink. Eaten. No sooner had mistaken for a leaf, like a flock of frustration of the waiters ran up and indignant cook, who also was the owner of the restaurant. It turned out, the purpose of the worm was only the cover sheet of mucus, which was considered something of a spicy condiment, in the manner of our ketchup. Worm itself is not supposed to. Moreover, the worm was the only instance in the entire restaurant, another worm in the host was, which caused him fits of elite international combat.

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