Famous Opera House

23 Aug

houseThe image of the white shells of the water – that was the creative concept of young and daring of architect Jorn Uotzona. January 29, 1957 his project was selected from 233 proposals submitted to international competition under the auspices of the New South Wales. Inside the building are cut into the platform two amphitheater above them – the lobby and bars, and more – lined with white tile arches of large shells, floating on top. In fact, to realize an air draft was not easy. Problems were caused by the complexity of the geometry and repetition of forms of shells. A little later Uotzon solved the problem of construction of the Opera: All segments of the shell must be cut from a spherical surface. They say the decision of the architect’s son, Kim pushed the four-year, which showed a can to clean oranges.
The skin of citrus has proven that the sphere can be adjacent to each other curved surfaces. As a result, all of the shells were collected on the spot, the ribs were “stitched” tensioning cables, and arches of the Opera fanned to form the corresponding side of the sink. “Scales” with ceramic tiles blocked the gaps between the ribs, only 1 million tiles cover the 4240 “flakes”. In the center of the scales are shiny tile, but on the edges – matte, so iridescent surface is formed, which wanted Uotzon. “The sun, the light and clouds make a living roof” – once said he. – “So that viewers will never get tired of looking.” The architect himself was forced to abandon construction of the Opera because of disagreements with the new government. Nevertheless, October 20, 1973 the building was opened by Queen Elizabeth II. During the ceremony she said: “The construction of the pyramids was accompanied by a very sharp disagreements, but now, after 4000 years, they are considered one of the wonders of the world. I believe that it will be so with the Opera House in Sydney. ” And so it happened. The project was carried out, constantly defending themselves against attacks and overcoming the raging torrent of indignation. But now the Opera House not only elevated to new heights music, but also became a symbol of the country. It is best to admire this wonder from the stern of the ship, then turns into a kind of building castles in the sky or the white-winged swan, ready to fly

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