Architectural and economic triumph for Australia

bridgeErected a grandiose construction for 8 years – from 1924 to 1932. The bridge became a kind of architectural and economic triumph for Australia, because it was built at a time when the world is tormented by the economic crisis and the U.S. struggled in the grip of depression. Bridge designed by Australian engineer John Bradfield K.. “Harbor” connected business center, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Port Jackson, with residential neighborhoods that stretch on the north shore. Prior to his arrival had to use a ferry or bypass routes that are longer than 20 miles and contain 5 bridges. Length of the “Hanger” is 1149 meters and a central arch span (since Habor Bridge largest arch bridge) – 503 meters. The height of the bridge above sea level – about 50 meters, it allows you to easily pass under it, even ocean liners.
Another achievement of the bridge – the width. At 49 meters is located eight-leaf highway, two branch lines, bicycle paths and sidewalks for pedestrians – think about all! The total weight of steel bridge is 52 800 tons. Every day the bridge crosses about 150 000 vehicles, this is a serious burden. But Australians still. Despite the simplicity of the technical tools used in construction, the bridge is reliable – it once to test the endurance of a locomotive driven 82. The fare on the bridge is now about 3 Australian dollars, and when it was opened, the cost was 6 pence to 2 pence and a car with a rider. Even with such minimal fees paid back to the bridge in 1988. Now every year on maintaining the bridge in operation spent $ 5 million. It probably would have surprised the founders of the bridge, because all the construction at the time required just 13.5 million Australian dollars. What to do, money is subject to inflation.

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