The famous limestone caves in Dzhenolane.

cavesThe Caves are located in the Blue Mountains on the eastern crest of the mountain chain that serves as the watershed between the rivers of Fish and Cox. The caves are very extensive, and its fantastic beauty can face off with the enchanting Arabian Nights fabrications about the cave of Ali Baba. The caves were discovered in 1841 by a fugitive convict who was hiding them from pursuing its mounted policemen. Convict police got out of the ground – and told the world about what is happening underground. However, in a quarter century, these caves have been discovered, though, did not cause no one interest. But it soon turned up an enthusiast – Jeremy Wilson, who was so excited by the beauty concealed underground caves that they lived in caves and lived 35 years, devoting himself entirely Research this miracle of nature. The fame of the beauty of the underworld quickly spread across the continent, and soon the caves flooded crowd of curious. Nothing good came of it: some of them were lost in the tangled maze of dark, others began to break out of the walls and carry on the memory of your favorite stones. Continue reading “The famous limestone caves in Dzhenolane.”

Rainforests – the most extensive area of forest subropicheskie in the world.

rainforestsEarth where so many plants and animals that are almost indistinguishable from primitive ancestors. Once these forests are called simply: Eastern rain forests of Australia. But from 2007 the name was changed to the Gondwana rainforests of Australia in order to better reflect their value. These forests include about fifty Australian forests located in the area from Newcastle to Brisbane. They all contain primitive types of vegetation. They found the oldest species of ferns and conifers. On Gondwana forests can be traced the birth and evolution of flowering plants, which appeared on the planet 100 million years ago. And the impressive concentration of natural exhibits. Continue reading “Rainforests – the most extensive area of forest subropicheskie in the world.”

Maori Piopitahi – Natural attractions

MaoriMaori Piopitahi – fjord in southwest South Island. This is one of the most popular natural attractions in the world. Rudyard Kipling called it the eighth wonder of the world. Europeans Milford Sound is named for the Welsh Milford Haven. Natives of the same name was given in honor Piopitahi Piopi already extinct bird. According to legend, Maui, hero of the mythical Maori, known for his exploits and cunning, trying to get immortality for mankind, but was killed. So that’s it flew through Piopi Milford Sound with black news. Fly Piopi would kilometers 15 – this is the size of Milford Sound, it is surrounded on both sides of cliff height of 1200 meters. Continue reading “Maori Piopitahi – Natural attractions”

The rocky desert landscape Pinnacle

PinnacleRocky desert Pinnacle has remained relatively unknown until the end as much of the 1960s. But now even visited by tens and hundreds of tourists every year. There is something to see – a huge limestone pillars rising to the sky directly from the yellow sand. Height reaches some three and a half meters. Some of them – with jagged edges, and remind their view of the column. Others are more like obelisks. Material for a rocky desert were the shells left over from as long as there were raging ocean waves. And I still see the sand dunes that mark the ancient coastline. Although the collection of material taken thousands of years, the formation of the desert, apparently started quite recently. Found evidence that 6,000 years ago, there lived people. But no evidence that the desert was inhabited in the last days.

The island Ball Pyramid

PyramidThis is the highest volcanic rock in the world. The area of ​​its base – only 200 square meters. meters. But the altitude – 562 meters. Ball Pyramid lies between Australia and New Zealand, but tourists do not spoil the attention this landmark high-rise Pacific. There’s just no place to build hotels, no beach. Even the conquest of the peak in 1982 prohibits local authorities. Prior to the ban still several successful ascents of the climbers managed to make. But since 1986, not only the ascent – limited even just visiting the cliff. The only exception was the expedition of scientists who have studied the local fauna and flora. Yes, the stones of the Pyramids Boles is not lifeless, as it might at first seem. Continue reading “The island Ball Pyramid”

The desert – Nullarbor

There are no settlements, no water, even the road there is only one. Nallabor not even the desert – sand, it does not have too. This is the way to the surface of limestone, the largest on the planet, an area of ​​200 000 km ². At its widest point, length of the desert more than 1,100 kilometers. The first European to cross the Nullarbor, was the English explorer Edward John Eyre. He gave the name of this plain from the Latin nullus arbor – no trees. Here is how the researcher spoke of the plain “horrible anomaly, a spot on the face of nature, just such a place can dream in a bad dream.” And no wonder – the conquest of Nullarbor was extremely difficult for him. From the first time it does not – robbed the nomads, the expedition returned. After all, supply of food and water had to bear with me – plain entirely barren and waterless. Continue reading “The desert – Nullarbor”

Australia Sydney Tower

Sydney TowerThe second-largest building in Australia Sydney Tower Height – 305 meters. Still the sight. It can be seen from all points of the city and the surrounding towns of all satellites. Fortunately for tourists, the tower is open to the public, so that we can do and vice versa: do not look at the tower from all neighborhoods, and from the tower to look at the surroundings. Descending from the Sydney Tower you can get to the mall, which is its base. And around the broken theme parks, which themselves are quite autonomous attractions – Wildlife Park, Sydney Aquarium and World, etc.) Construction of this facility began in 1970 and was completed in 1975. It is true that people in the street there were only let in 6 years after opening. And the people seeking the tower, mainly due to the observation deck, which is installed at a height of 250 meters above ground level. Viewing Angle neighborhoods – 360. The site is completely closed, but there you can find information about external conditions – wind speed, direction, amplitude of the rocking of the tower

The symbols of Queensland

skyscraperTower – ultra-high skyscraper was opened in 2005. And almost immediately recognized as one of the symbols of Queensland. Immediately grabbing the area went on. Japanese restaurant managed to get a spot just over 9 million Australian dollars. This is the biggest real estate deal in the history of Queensland. Q1 has been designed by Atelier SDG. Its shape was inspired by the Olympic flame in Sydney 2000 and Sydney Opera House . And the building came out extravaganza. In 2005, the tower won the silver medal award “Emporis”, which is awarded for the best skyscraper of the year. The building is supported by 26 piles that go into the ground at a depth of 40 meters and 4 meters go into solid rock. The observation deck, which can accommodate 400 people, located between 77 and 78 floor. During the New Year Q1 is used as a launching pad for fireworks. Among the students, too, there was a tradition to celebrate their festivals in Q1, although owners of offices and are dissatisfied with their stay.

Famous Opera House

houseThe image of the white shells of the water – that was the creative concept of young and daring of architect Jorn Uotzona. January 29, 1957 his project was selected from 233 proposals submitted to international competition under the auspices of the New South Wales. Inside the building are cut into the platform two amphitheater above them – the lobby and bars, and more – lined with white tile arches of large shells, floating on top. In fact, to realize an air draft was not easy. Problems were caused by the complexity of the geometry and repetition of forms of shells. A little later Uotzon solved the problem of construction of the Opera: All segments of the shell must be cut from a spherical surface. They say the decision of the architect’s son, Kim pushed the four-year, which showed a can to clean oranges. Continue reading “Famous Opera House”

Architectural and economic triumph for Australia

bridgeErected a grandiose construction for 8 years – from 1924 to 1932. The bridge became a kind of architectural and economic triumph for Australia, because it was built at a time when the world is tormented by the economic crisis and the U.S. struggled in the grip of depression. Bridge designed by Australian engineer John Bradfield K.. “Harbor” connected business center, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Port Jackson, with residential neighborhoods that stretch on the north shore. Prior to his arrival had to use a ferry or bypass routes that are longer than 20 miles and contain 5 bridges. Length of the “Hanger” is 1149 meters and a central arch span (since Habor Bridge largest arch bridge) – 503 meters. The height of the bridge above sea level – about 50 meters, it allows you to easily pass under it, even ocean liners. Continue reading “Architectural and economic triumph for Australia”